• ENN Gourmet Face Masks (b-t): Berry Bang, Cocoa Mess
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    Indulge in Gourmet Face Masks from ENN: My Experience with AC-NAY, Berry Bang, Cocoa Mess – Part 2

    (contd. from previous post…) My Experience with ENN Berry Bang: Berries are synonymous with anti-ageing. The only “berry” I can find in the ingredient list of this mask is “strawberry”. Other than that the mask is enriched with antioxidants which claim to rejuvenate and restore skin. Packaging aesthetics same as any other gourmet mask from their range, Berry Bang has a similar color as AC-NAY. Light pink in shade but a firmer and less grittier texture than AC-NAY, Berry Bang turned out to be my favorite among the three! The mask feels smooth to touch and apply but contains very fine exfoliating particles. It spreads evenly on the skin and…