Nyassa Mandarin Citrus Handmade Soap, Cola Twist Lip Moisturiser
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Summer Indulgence with Nyassa : Mandarin Citrus Handmade Soap and Cola Twist Lip Moisturiser Review

Hi all. Now after a year of blogging, it is no longer a secret that I’m a big time bath-n-body products’ fanatic. 😀 Maybe that’s the reason summers seem inviting to me?? And nothing but mangoes and some amazing shower products could make my summers any better.

When it comes to shower or bath-n-body products, Nyassa is a renowned name. With its versatile range of products, the brand is sure to pamper you from head to toe. I am currently using (and loving) their Mandarin Citrus Soap and Cola Twist Lip Moisturiser!

A Little About Nyassa :

We call this thinking ‘From Heaven and Earth’.
Imagine the most exotic and mesmerizing of fragrances, exquisite and indelible, romantic and dreamy. Then imagine a whole basket of pure and wholesome natural ingredents, from the bosom of the earth, beneficial to your skin and body. Now imagine them coming together harmonously, elegantly, almost divinely, in a bath soap, or a body butter, or a handwash, or a face cream.

Imagine products that stimulate your mind with their rich bouquets as they nourish and enliven your body with their active ingredients. In your shower or out of it.

This is Nyassa. The best of heavenly fragrances together with the best of earthly ingredients. The sensuous and the physical. The ethereal and the real. Heaven and Earth. The coming together of two worlds creating an exciting new one. One of ceaseless imagination and untold possibilities.

You can read more about them at http://nyassabathandbody.com/being-nyassa/.

Nyassa Mandarin Citrus Handmade Soap
Nyassa Mandarin Citrus Handmade Soap
Nyassa Cola Twist Lip Moisturiser
Nyassa Cola Twist Lip Moisturiser

The Nyassa Mandarin Citrus Handmade Soap :

“From Heaven and Earth”.

Did you know that during Chinese New Year, Mandarin oranges and tangerines are considered traditional symbols of abundance and good fortune? A wholesome mix of Mandarin Oranges and Lemon makes this bath soap the ideal bath companion. The zesty and fresh fragrance of Mandarin Citrus Handmade Soap by Nyassa lends a zing that stays on! The moderate citrusy aroma buoys you up and keeps you feeling refreshed. At Nyassa we have combined the goodness of Orange Peel Extract and Lemon Peel Extract to pamper your skin. Orange Peel removes dead skin and helps in tightening the pores of the skin. Lemon Peel Extract acts as an anti-aging device and provides protection against wrinkles. Treat your skin to the goodness of exclusive ingredients that pamper your skin with all its beauty. The natural ingredients soothe, heals skin naturally and acts as an emollient.

(Above extract from Nyassa’s official website).

Nyassa Mandarin Citrus Handmade Soap

Nyassa Mandarin Citrus Handmade Soap

Star Ingredients –

  1. Orange Peel Extract – An excellent emollient and skin tightener, it removes dead and worn out skin, tightens pores and and makes your skin look youthful and taut.
  2. Lemon Peel Extract – A natural skin protectant with anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle properties. Also helps keep body tissues free from damage.

Nyassa Exclusive ActiveBase = Cold pressed sweet almond oil + Cold pressed wheatgerm oil + Grapeseed extract + Aloe Vera extract + Honey + Vitamin E Acetate (converts to Vit. E when applied topically).

Price and Availability : 150g for INR 300, available on their website.

My Experience with Nyassa Mandarin Citrus Handmade Soap :

The most striking features of this soap are its ombre, sombre green color transcending into fresh, lighter hue embedded with tangerine fruit peels, and its invigorating, zesty fragrance. My love for greens finds another piece of marvel to exult in! 🙂 The refreshing citrusy fragrance was long lost from my memory until Nyassa sent me this bath bar, and I can’t keep calm! I love starting my day with this soap, the soothing green and the energizing fragrance makes for a perfect start to my day.

Nyassa Mandarin Citrus Handmade Soap

Nyassa Mandarin Citrus Handmade Soap
Those embedded fruit peels is so much zesty and pretty!!

The soap cleanses thoroughly, leaving my skin squeaky clean and fresh. The skin-tightening agent (orange oil and orange peel extract) works on to make my skin feel firmer, however the effect is temporary. I can feel the mild tautness, but it is not significantly noticeable. The hefty bar feels solid in the hands and has no meltdown at all. It doesn’t leave any soapy residue on the skin; rather washes off easy, leaving behind a refreshed, soothed skin. 🙂 However this soap has SLS, the only thing that put me off a bit initially. But placed right at the bottom of the ingredient list, the drying effects on the skin are minimal.

The Nyassa Mandarin Citrus Handmade Soap is infused with the goodness of orange, lemon and lemongrass oils, water of shea butter and orange and lemon peel powders. These are perfect for skin brightening and lightening of tan. These citrusy ingredients make this soap a perfect summer bathing essential. If you too are a fan of citrusy fragrances, you must check out the Nyassa Mandarin Citrus Soap!

Nyassa Mandarin Citrus Handmade Soap
How pretty does this look on my soap stand..!

My Rating : 4.25/5.

Nyassa Cola Twist Lip Moisturiser :

Nyassa Cola Twist Lip Moisturiser

For all those Cola lovers, this is a must have! This flavour is the closest to the real thing and calorie free! Nyassa lip balms have an irresistible flavour with highly nourishing ingredients that keep the lips moisturized and healthy. Lips are sensitive to external factors and also tend to be that part of the face which is never taken care of. Nyassa lip balms are innovatively formulated such that the shea butter promotes the regeneration of cells due to high content of Vitamin D. Shea butter acts as prevention from sun, dirt and pollution. In addition to Shea butter, Nyassa lip balms contain cold pressed Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, and Vitamin E which enhance the lip balms moisturizing property. Nyassa lip balms do not contain any petroleum jelly or other petroleum derived mineral oils. You can use Nyassa lip balms several times a day and keep those gorgeous lips smooth and moisturized.

Fragrance Type: Fruity

Fragrance Scale: Moderate

(Above from Nyassa’a official website).

Ingredients : Shea butter, cold pressed sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, white beeswax, Vitamin E Acetate, BHT and flavor.

Price and Availability : 5g for INR 250, available on their website.

My Experience with Nyassa Cola Twist Lip Moisturiser :

The super adorable plastic jar with pink-gold accents is a packaging with cuteness overload. 😀 I must confess I was kinda bored with the regular circular tubs of lip balms (hey you can’t blame me, I’m a born Gemini; frequent changes are my call ?). This edgy, dainty tub of squishy, mushy moisturizer has my heart! That said, the dainty tub is further enclosed in an equally cute cardboard box with all details printed on it. I so enjoy the funky, jolly print theme on this product. 😀

Nyassa Cola Twist Lip Moisturiser

Nyassa Cola Twist Lip Moisturiser
Aww…isn’t that tub adorable?

Apart from its non-conventional and edgy (pun intended!) packaging, the one thing that makes this lip balm stand out is its delicious cola fragrance. Yes! As soon as I open the jar, the distinct aroma of dark aerated drinks hits my olfactory senses… The same jazzy, snazzy, sweet and spicy smell that we all are so familiar with… which is so essentially a “Cola”. I love it. Totally. And even after I apply it on my lips, the fragrance stays on for quite a while before fading off completely.

The texture is soft, thick and creamy. Although the product appears white in the container, it melts into a transparent balmy consistency which feels comfortable enough to apply on the lips. It moisturizes the lips adequately, and stays on for around 3-4 hours if I’m not eating in that duration. So I love using it before I go to bed at night, and the next morning my lips are still hydrated, soft and plump. I must admit, ever since I started using it religiously in my nighttime skincare routine, my lips are less chapped. However while I’m waking, I do reapply it as often as needed. 🙂

Nyassa Cola Twist Lip Moisturiser

You may store it in the refrigerator if you want, as it tends to melt a wee bit when the weather’s too hot or humid. I personally don’t, and thoroughly enjoy the easy mousse texture, and refreshing aroma of the Nyassa Cola Twist Lip Moisturiser. 😉 And yeah it tastes sweet too. 😛 Now don’t judge me on that, we all are guilty of licking lips, by mistake or otherwise. But on a serious note, we shouldn’t! 😀

The ingredients are super nourishing, and perfect for dry, chapped lips. And I have started preferring tub packaging over stick ones, for reasons that I will soon disclose in my next post. 😉 But the Nyassa Cola Twist Lip Moisturiser is hands down my favorite lip balm for the summers. Everything starting from its packaging, to its texture, fragrance and efficacy is impressive. This lip balm is devoid of any petroleum derived products, rather contains beeswax and shea butter as intense moisturizing agents.. Also it has no parabens, but BHT as a preservative. If you’re bored of conventional lip balms, you must give this lip moisturizer a try!

Nyassa Cola Twist Lip Moisturiser

My Rating : 4.75/5

The Final Verdict :

Both the Mandarin Citrus Handmade Soap and Cola Twist Lip Moisturiser are wonderful summer launches by team Nyassa. Although I wish the soap was SLS-free, the perky citrus fragrance is hard to let go. I’m glad it also doesn’t feel really hard on the skin. And I must say I am head-over-heels in love with its Cola Twist lip balm. It is amazing to see how Nyassa takes care of the intricate details for the smallest of its products so wonderfully. I would totally recommend you try out its Cola Twist Lip Moisturiser once, to appreciate the sublime efforts by the brand, and to enjoy the summery, cola flavour on-the-go!

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