Sigma Mystery Boxes : Like It or Lust It, I got you covered!

Hi everyone! Hope you all are doing good. I have this mini haul post for you today with my haul from Sigma! I made this haul two months ago during an offer, got it after 25 days, and finally writing about it. Yeah my bad. Partly. And I know. But I’m so excited to share my haul with you today. 😀

I have been hearing a lot of ravings about Sigma Mystery Haul Boxes, and really wanted to try out once for myself. I love surprises, and what better opportunity to grab a Mystery Box from Sigma? So off I headed to the official sigma website, and placed my order for their Like It , and Lust It Mystery boxes. 🙂 They had one more – the Love It MHB. Apart from those, I also picked up the E40 blending brush, and got an eyeshadow (Midori) for free. 🙂 Midori is a pretty light green eyeshadow with shimmers.

My sigma Beauty haul:
Sigma Beauty Mystery Haul Boxes
Sigma Beauty Mystery Haul Boxes

Sigma Beauty Mystery Haul Boxes
Such colorful affairs… 🙂
Sigma Beauty Mystery Haul Boxes
The Sigma “Like It” MHB :

This box had four products :

Sigma Mystery Haul Box : Like It
Sigma Mystery Haul Box : Like It
  1. E40 Tapered Blending – Mrs. Bunny Brush ($17 value)
  2. F70 Concealer – Mrs. Bunny Brush ($14 value)
  3. Line Ace – Inscription ($14 value) is a beautiful purple eyeliner that I have been loving so much. I even wore it for a look that I recently shared on my instagram account (@ambersityblog). 🙂
  4. Eye Shadow – Fawn ($7.70 value) is a shimmery champagne color, perfect for a dazzling eyelid or for highlighting.

The contents of the box add up to around $52 (:O) which I got for just 15 bucks! This deal got me head over heels tell ya. :D:D

The Sigma “Lust It” MHB :

There were seven(!) products that came in this box.

Sigma Mystery Haul Box : Lust It
  1. E55 Eye Shading – Travel Size Brush (full size : $16)
  2. F30 Large Powder – Travel Size Brush (full size : $30)
  3. F40 Large Contour – Travel Size Brush (full size : $23)
  4. Aura Powder – Sigma Pink ($19 value) is a magenta powder compact, that I used both as eyeshadow and blush. This has a bold dash of color payoff, so you have to be really careful while working with it as a blush. I loved it on my eyes though. 🙂 It has a beautiful smooth consistency, and applies like a dream.
  5. Power Liner – Sigma Pink ($14 value), is of the same color family as the Aura Powder, and has a velvety texture, and smooth application. I love this pink liner.
  6. Loose Shimmer – Ambrosia ($12 value). Oh where do I even get started? Such a beautiful rose gold shimmer that actually has diverse uses. I have mixed it with my foundation for a uniform subtle glow all over the face, and used it over my eyes as well. Sigma says to mix with lip gloss as well, and I’m so excited to try that and see how it turns out! The shimmers are finely milled, doesn’t feel chunky in the least and applies effortlessly. Love this one. 😀
  7. Mini Sigmagic Brushampoo (full size  : $15) – a perfect addition to complement the MHB coming from a makeup brush giant. 🙂
Sigma Mystery Haul Box : Lust It
Sigma Mystery Haul Box : Lust It

I cannot make out the actual price of the box from the prices mentioned, since I got travel sizes for four of the products. However on the Sigma website it says the contents add up to $69, and the whole deal is for $30. A good deal yet again!

A Final Word :

The Sigma Mystery Haul Boxes are an amazing way to try out their products at almost half the price! Yes. The Lust It MHB cost me around $30 while the contents of the box actually add up to $69 if bought separately. That’s some deal tell ya. The “Like It” is a very basic MHB and cost me around $15 (but nevertheless I’m loving it). I don’t know why I can’t find the “Like It” MHB on the Sigma website now. Though the other two are still there. 🙂

Overall I’m super happy with my haul, mostly because I got the products at such a deal. And the brushes are ah-mazing. Er… Sigma it is. That says it all. 😀 Oh and it goes without saying, I’m eyeing the Love It MHB next!

Sigma Beauty Mystery Haul Boxes
Sigma Beauty Mystery Haul Boxes

What’s your take on the haul? Do you think you’d try out one of these? Talk to me in the comments below!


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