The Ayurvedic Way to Healthy Hair — Shesha Beauty Ashtapathy Shampoos: My Experience and Review

Hi people! The festivities are about to set in, so how’s your shopping going? 😀 You’ll all know that I’m currently trying to incorporate products in my beauty regime that are free from harmful chemicals. So it was pure joy for me when Shesha Beauty sent across their range of bath and body products to try. Their Ashtapathy range of products is formulated based on ancient Ayurvedic recipes.

About Shesha Beauty:

Shesha Beauty is the brainchild of an ex-Amazon India Software Engineer turned women Entrepreneur, Renji who  dearly missed authentic natural & ayurveda products from her state – the God’s own country, Kerala.

Hailing from a family of naturopaths to doctors and having used effective, ayurvedic, herbal and natural products all through her life, Renji can easily call out the original and the fake. Her vision to bring such natural abundance from Kerala within the reach of the urban world resulted in her brand – Shesha Beauty and subsequently Shesha Naturals.

All products listed in Shesha Beauty and under the brand ‘Shesha Naturals’  go through rigorous testing not only in the labs, but personally by the founder herself on her and her family – to ensure only the best and safest products reach the consumers. All of the beauty products that you find on Shesha Beauty are 100% natural, 100% cruelty-free and free from parabens, silicones,  petroleum, derivatives, artificial color and artificial fragrances. ‘Strictly Natural’ – is a promise of purity and elegance that our brand carries high on its shoulder and prides itself in being a ethical and responsible beauty company.

A little about Ashtapathy:

Harnessing tried and tested Ayurvedic beauty secrets is Ashtapathy. We are a firm that knows traditional beauty like no one else. In today’s times when purity in products is a rarity, Ashtapathy captures Ayurveda in its purest form and brings the same to you in the subtle way.  Go ahead and redefine beauty and purity in your heads; Ashtapathy Ayurveda is just what you are looking for.

Mission: To be committed towards bringing high quality, genuine Ayurveda products within everyone’s reach; to infuse traditional values of Ayurveda into modern living; to deliver 100% foolproof products of nature.

Vision: To earn satisfied customers who take Ashtapathy Ayurveda as the go-to place for every beauty needs and thus promulgate the goodness of this ancient science of Ayurveda.

Shesha Naturals Ashtapathy Shampoos
Shesha Naturals Ashtapathy Shampoos

All information above is from official website of Shesha Beauty and Ashtapathy. Although this information adds on words and makes my post look seemingly lengthy, I believe you should know a little about the brand before judging its products.

Shesha Naturals started its journey with its pure and extra virgin coconut oil that has a cult following in the market. I’ll however cover it in a next post, let’s talk about its hair cleansers today.

Price: INR 125 for the Ashtapathy Deva Thali and Mud Shampoos (100g each). They are easily available on Amazon, official website of Shesha Beauty and Nykaa!

My Experience with Ashtapathy Ayurveda Products:

Ashtapathy Mud Shampoo

For those having an oily scalp and/or hair, this is the shampoo for you. I had heard of ancient hair cleansing rituals with different clays (this is making a comeback in recent times, thanks to people’s efforts towards a sustainable lifestyle). This shampoo actually uses our very own multani mitti or Fuller’s Earth as one of its ingredients! The fragrance is fresh and mildly herbal, and I love how refreshing it smells. It also contains betel leaves and durva or durbagrass, both of which have amazing medicinal properties, helping treat scalp conditions. Peepal leaves’ extracts have anti-inflammatory and medicinal properties, which help to calm scalp irritation and itching, an issue I often face. The Ashtapathy Mud Shampoo also has aloe vera and black cumin seed oil which helps seal in moisture, turmeric extracts aid hair growth, pomegranate and cluster fig extracts help prevent split hairs, and are considered nourishing agentsMultani mitti itself is a great cleansing agent, and also has antiseptic properties.

Ashtapathy Mud Shampoo
Ashtapathy Mud Shampoo
Ashtapathy Mud Shampoo
Ingredients: Ashtapathy Mud Shampoo

I myself have an oily scalp and dry to normal hair. This is why I love this one. Since I have fine hairs, keeping them unwashed for two days makes them greasy and the scalp gets itchy. Similarly any amount of oil would weigh it down. The Ashtapathy Mud Shampoo is a savior on such days. I love how it easily washes away dirt, grime and oil, leaving my hairs feeling and smelling fresh! I must say it cleanses the scalp really well and makes my hair soft.

It is great for use on days when I have oiled my hairs so I do not usually follow it up with a conditioner. However you can choose to use a conditioner post hair wash depending on your needs. The shampoo also adds volume to my hairs which I really love. There can be some frizziness occasionally, but nothing that a hair serum or conditioner cannot fix. Overall the shampoo works well for my hairs. It cleansessoothes and calms an irritated scalp, and adds shine and body to my hairs. It also keeps my hair fall in control post wash.

The shampoo also adds volume to my hairs which I really love. There can be some frizziness occasionally, but nothing that a hair serum or conditioner cannot fix. Overall the shampoo works well for my hairs. It cleansessoothes and calms an irritated scalp, and adds shine and body to my hairs. It also keeps my hair fall in control post wash.

The consistency of the shampoo is a quite runny, so one needs to be cautious when using it from the tube packaging. While the packaging is quite convenient to store, it can be a bit tricky to handle. All I need to do is turn the tube up, flip open the cap, and turn the tube down. The shampoo flows out without any effort. Since it is free from artificial chemical surfactants like sulfates, it does not foam unusually. Rather it lathers just as much as needed to spread it across the hair and scalp.

Ashtapathy Deva Thali Shampoo

This variant is great for all hair types. The packaging is on the same lines as the Mud Shampoo, and the fragrance is purely herbal. It might even seem a bit medicinal to some while using. However it only leaves behind a mild smell post washing. The shampoo itself is a greenish color with a watery consistency. This too doesn’t form a lot of lather, but is sufficient to cleanse the hairs. It does not overly dry out the hairs, and cleanses and calms scalp effectively. It keeps my hairs manageable and is good to use on non-oiled hairs. However dry to normal hair types will need to follow up with a conditioner.

Ashtapathy Deva Thali Shampoo
Ashtapathy Deva Thali Shampoo
Ashtapathy Deva Thali Shampoo
Ashtapathy Deva Thali Shampoo

The Deva Thali Shampoo contains hibiscus, which is excellent for overall hair health. It prevents hair breakage and premature graying of hairs. It also contains other hair superfoods like extracts of haritakibhringarajamlashikakaihennacoconut oil and black cumin seedsBibhitika extracts help prevent dandruff and other scalp infections, henna is natural hair conditioner, shikakai cleanses and nourishes hair and scalp, and aloe vera has soothing and calming properties. Overall, the composition of this shampoo is extremely thoughtful, and imbibes elements from our ancient Ayurveda. I honestly appreciate from the bottom of my heart Ashtapathy’s endeavors to bring effective natural remedies to its consumers. 🙂

The Deva Thali Shampoo initially caused me a little hairfall. However with consistent use of the product, the hairfall issues are sorted. I believe now the shampoo suits my hair well. On oiled hairs, I need a slight more quantity of Deva Thali as compared to the Mud shampoo. Now there are a few points you should keep in mind before you start using herbal and SLS-free shampoos.

Take note –

  • If you have been using shampoos laden with sulfates, your hair will take time to get used to SLS-free herbal formulations for hairs.
  • You might even face dryness and hair fall issues for the first few uses, but that’s because your hair is getting adjusted to getting back to natural from all the chemicals it has been subjected to for so long.
  • If hairs feel frizzy and rough, try following up with a conditioner and/or serum. You can also choose to oil your hairs prior to shampooing.
  • You might end up using more shampoo on oiled hairs when in case of herbal shampoos.
Shesha Naturals Ashtapathy Shampoos

The Final Verdict:

Throughout the duration that I’ve been using these shampoos, my hairs suffered no split ends. I would also give a significant portion of the credit to Shesha Beauty’s Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. I’ll talk more about it in a separate post.

Overall, Shesha Beauty’s hair care range is affordableauthentic and effective. The Mud Shampoo is so perfect for oily hairs and scalp, while Deva Thali Shampoo is great for a regular use for all types of hairs. The ingredient list is pretty transparent, and they have a lot of details put up on their website as well. I personally love Renji as a beauty blogger – she’s genuine with her reviews and a kind soul, an experienced professional in her field. It is only natural that her brainchild will bear her characteristics, thus making Shesha Beauty a trustworthy Indian beauty brand.

I’m looking forward to Ashtapathy launching some conditioners as well, I hope they are hearing me! If you are looking to switch to sulfate-free, cruelty-free, Ayurvedic haircare, I’d suggest you take the plunge now. Start with these amazingly pocket-friendly shampoos, allow your hair to adjust, and help the environment in the process! Stay tuned for some more Shesha reviews. 🙂

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