Mond'Sub Gold Facial Mask
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Sheet Mask Chronicles : Mond’Sub Gold Facial Mask (Crystal Collagen Mask Series) – Review

Heylo my lovely readers! The chilly weather has subdued wee bit on its glory, but I’m lazy as ever. 😛 However I do realize the importance of feeding my skin right to help with its dull, stretchy feeling. The weather is not being kind to my skin or hairs, so these need to be really taken care of.

Thank goodness for sheet masks, my skincare routine winds up easy. So one lazy day, when my skin was behaving weird (well it does on most days 😛 ), I picked up the Mond’sub Gold Facial Mask from my stash. Read on for my experience with the product. 🙂

My Experience with the Mond’sub Gold Collagen Mask :

Mond'Sub Gold Facial Mask

Now this is very different from regular sheet masks, right from the packaging to usage. This mask is a part of Mond’sub’s Crystal Collagen Mask Series. It comes in a sturdy plastic frame, carved out to accommodate the mask and the serum. The outer package as well as the mask is golden in color. Everything you need to know about the mask – the ingredients, about, usage and manufacture are clearly printed on the back of the package. I love it when brands come out clear with information. So certainly kudos to Mond’sub in that aspect.

Now please beware that this mask is nothing like you’ve used before. So I was really careful in handling this. I cut out the shorter end of the packet, and pulled out the plastic frame. There is a LOT of serum to handle here, serum drenched in the mask sheet, smeared across the plate as well as left behind in the plastic package, that could drip if you happen to tilt it. It was a bit of a messy affair for me. Maybe there could have been a little less serum in it?

Mond'Sub Gold Facial Mask
Mond’Sub Gold Facial Mask

Now the mask itself is the most interesting part. It is a soft, thick sheet, almost wobbly like a jelly, with slits for the eyes and mouth. Since I found the slits smaller than what I needed, I tore apart a little of it to accommodate it properly on my face. It sat fine, however kept slipping off. So I decided to defy gravity and laid back to relax in the calm of the mask. 🙂 I kept it on for a good 20 minutes.

I discarded the mask and per se routine, gently tapped in the serum left behind on the skin. As my skin happily drank in the serum, I took some more from the mask’s frame and layered it on. I could definitely say that my skin instantly plumped up and refreshed with the moisture boost. All signs of stretchiness were eliminated, and skin felt hydrated from within. And I did not follow it up with any moisturizer for the night. My skin looked and felt healthy, and the dewy glow remained for the next 2 days. I think the effect would have remained for a longer time, had the weather been not so unkind. But I really liked how the Mond’sub Gold Collagen Facial Mask boosted the hydration levels of my skin.

I had been going through a rough patch with my skin, facing unpredictable and frequent breakouts, that went sore and felt painful. Thus I was a bit apprehensive on using this that time, but the Mond’sub team was really helpful and assured me it won’t aggravate any of them. True to their words, this mask did not give me new breakouts, nor did it irritate the existing ones. Rather it soothed and calmed the raging pimples across my face. So glad about that. 🙂

A little about the Ingredients :
Mond'Sub Gold Facial Mask
Mond’Sub Gold Facial Mask – Ingredients

Scutellaria baicalensis root extract – Commonly found in Chinese medications, Scullcap actually soothes inflammation and treats acne and breakouts. So I think this ingredient makes this mask perfectly safe for acne-prone skin. And I can definitely vouch for its effectiveness in this regard now. 🙂

Licorice root extract – This has anti-ageing benefits, reduces dark spots and tan, and brightens the skin.

Hydrolized Collagen – This appears quite high on the ingredient list, and helps to regulate cell growth, improves elasticity of skin and strengthens it. It also works on acne.

Rose extract – hydrates and tones skin, great for dry skin and as well as sensitive ones.

Hyaluronic Acid – amazing anti-ageing ingredient, also helps in collagen synthesis, holds moisture in skin and makes it supple and radiant.

Glycerin – well now this needs no introduction. 🙂 It works great as a humectant and helps retain the skin’s moisture barrier.

The Final Verdict :

Overall, the Mond’sub Gold Facial Mask is a great option to nourish and hydrate the skin this season. This is excellent for those with dry or dry combination skin, but also works well for oily combination, which is exactly my skin type. However I really wish the packaging was easier to handle, and the amount of serum a little lesser. If you have a special occasion to attend, I will recommend using this a day before, for a radiant dewy glow!

My Rating : 4/5

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