Seer Secrets Gemstone Bath Bars : Ruby and Gold Ore Review

Hello everyone! If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ll know about these really unique pieces of bath bars. Seer Secrets has been experimenting with their soaps, and I can say they’re doing so with a good success.

About Seer Secrets:

This Delhi-based brand call themselves “holistic and wholesome luxury”, that inculcates the ancient wisdom of seers, sages and clairvoyants into formulating skin remedies.

Their products are widely available on Amazon and Nykaa. I got these soaps from

Seer Secrets Gemstone Bath Bars

The Gemstone Bath Bars:

This range of bath soaps bear certain properties of different precious stones and metals. They have an element of the respective naturally occurring mineral infused in them for a rich bathing experience!

“Certified Organic – Made with lots of LOVE: Our soap is handmade and contains Organic based ingredients. It’s 100% pure, vegan, and safe for all skin types. It contains no parabens, alcohol, petroleum, dyes, animal fat or GMOs.”

The best part about these bath bars is their praiseworthy craftsmanship and wonderful appearance. They look like raw minerals found naturally. Their slightly rugged bodies make them look even more convincing.? The soaps sure are a treat to the eyes.? Seer secrets never uses any sulphates or artificial foaming agents, which is again quite amazing.?

My Overview of the Products:

Seer Secrets Gold Ore Bath Bar:

This beautifully crafted bath bar contains real gold leaf!

Seer Secrets Gemstone Gold Ore Bath Bar
Seer Secrets Gemstone Gold Ore Bath Bar
Seer Secrets Gemstone Gold Ore Bath Bar

The soap comes in a transparent box with all the details mentioned at the back of the packaging. This soap has a triangular shape and feels quite hefty in the hands. It weighs approximately 160 grams and is priced at INR 342.

Contains – glycerin soap base, real gold leaf, cherry blossom essential oil.

Gold helps increase warmth and improve blood circulation, reverberating positivity within. Cherry Blossom essential oil is known to restore moisture balance of skin, while fighting signs of ageing. A blend of these two ingredients makes this soap as exotic as could be.

Seer Secrets Gemstone Gold Ore Bath Bar
Seer Secrets Gemstone Gold Ore Bath Bar

I’m particularly in love with its fragrance. It has a delicate yet distinct floral fragrance which feels so refreshing! Thanks to the addition of something as exquisite as Cherry Blossom essential oil, the fragrance is just as captivating and intoxicating as you could imagine. 🙂 However the fragrance won’t interfere with your regular perfume which is what many would appreciate. It leaves skin feeling clean and smooth, without hampering the moisture level of the skin. The fragrance particularly is absolutely fantastic to kick off the day with!

I have also observed that with regular usage, this soap helps to lighten tan that we tend to acquire over time with constant sun exposure. That said, the Seer Secrets Gold Ore Gemstone Bath Bar lives up to its claims to a good extent. Quite commendable!

Seer Secrets Ruby Gemstone Bath Bar:

The Ruby Gemstone Bath Bar actually contains extracts from the corundum mineral, from which gemstones like Ruby and Sapphire are extracted.? This has a dark ruby color which again looks so pretty.

It contains a blend of 3 amazing essential oils:
1.Rose Geranium essential oil – excellent for uplifting mood, and combating anxiety; also has antibacterial and anti fungal properties.
2.Palmarosa essential oil – good for both oily and dry skin types; moisturizes and treats acne.
3.Rosewood essential oil – works to fight bad odour, widely used in aromatherapy for its mood-uplifting properties and relieves from muscular pains.

Seer Secrets Gemstone Ruby Bath Bar
Seer Secrets Gemstone Ruby Bath Bar
Seer Secrets Gemstone Ruby Bath Bar

However this smells a wee bit strong which might hurt sensitive noses. It has a strong sweet fragrance with hints of spicy. I was initially apprehensive as I didn’t wish to end up smelling so overly sweet, but to my pleasant surprise it left only a mild hint of the fragrance on the skin, which wasn’t offensive at all! It was rather fresh and easily overridden by your regular perfumes, just like the Gold Ore Bath Bar.

Both these bars are mild enough to use on the face, but I would not recommend a direct contact on the face. You might as well rub the soap between the palms and then apply on the face. However again I would never ask you to replace your regular facial cleanser with these. 🙂 These soaps also don’t melt easy, and lather sufficiently to clean the skin of dust and grime. The hefty bars are sure to last a decent period of time as well.?

I love both the soaps, but if at all I have to choose a favorite, I’d most certainly go for the Gold Ore Gemstone Bath Bar. I’m in love with its fragrance and would not hesitate to repurchase it.?

The Final Verdict :

Overall, the Seer Secrets Gemstone Bath Bars are exemplary displays of ingenious craftsmanship, with the right blend of ingredients to pamper the skin. These are a pleasure to use all the year round, the best part being they won’t leave the skin feeling parched. However I never recommend a skip in applying moisturizer post bath. These soaps are sulphate and paraben free100% vegan and organic. Additionally these are cruelty-free and biodegradable! What else could be a better way to indulge in a guilt-free pampering? I love how the bath bars also serve as ornamental show pieces sitting atop soap dishes. A perfect display with guests around!?

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  1. I love the products of Seer Secrets. They are amazing. I have tried a few of their products. Enjoyed reading your review. Looking forward to trying Gold Ore Gemstone Bath Bar.

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