Make Some Space in the Vanity for the Charming Rose & Co. Hand and Body Lotion No. 84: My Experience & Review

Hi people! You all will know that I often fall for products whose packaging catches my fancy. Guilty of whimsically buying only those few times captivated by product aesthetics, otherwise I’m a careful buyer mind you. 😀

So when I came across Rose & Co. as a brand on Nykaa (there used to be a time when I literally scrolled through brand names alphabet-wise on the Nykaa app), I was immediately smitten by the beautiful products. Never having heard of this brand on social media, the next thing I did was browse through the available products and collect some basic info about them from the internet.

Rose and Co Hand and Body Lotion No. 84
Rose and Co Hand and Body Lotion No. 84

Being a brand from the United Kingdom, Rose & Co. did its packaging that reflects the old-world charm of the Victorian era. I had seen plenty of modern, minimalist and vibrant packaging, but the pastel-hued vintage packaging was completely new to me. How could I not possess at least one or two of them? 🙂 So there I was. While I wanted to try their famous multi-purpose Rose Petal Salve, it went OOS on Nykaa. My next pick was Rose & Co.’s Hand and Body Lotion from its signature No.84 range.

About the Product:

This wonderful lotion is the perfect addition to your powder room. Light enough for regular use but rich enough for great all over body moisturisation. The signature scent of our No. 84 collection is inspired by classic rose with a modern twist. The scent is a complex blend of rose, tea, violet, jasmine, iris, powdery cedar, amber and musk – it is a delight for rose and non-rose lovers everywhere.

Rose and Co Hand and Body Lotion No. 84
Rose and Co Hand and Body Lotion No. 84

Additional Information: Rose & Co! brings to you beautiful and elegant bath and beauty products all made in UK. From their humble beginnings in a Yorkshire village to the joys of creating unique bath, shower, body care and beauty products, Rose & Company is known for their charming bath & beauty products, beautifully scented soaps and their very popular balms and salves including the celeb favourite, Rose Petal Salve.

Price: INR 749 for 250ml.

My Experience withRose & Co. No. 84 Hand and Body Lotion :

I can only rave about how pretty this bottle looks! A perfect vintage classic packaging, the clear plastic bottle is of no cheap quality and comes with a pump dispenser too. You know how I amazing I find pump dispensers, they’re just so convenient! Unlock it when you need it, lock it up when you’re done. It’s that simple.

Rose and Co. Hand and Body Lotion No.84 Ingredients
Rose and Co. Hand and Body Lotion No.84 Ingredients
Rose and Co. Hand and Body Lotion No.84 Ingredients
Rose and Co. Hand and Body Lotion No.84 Ingredients

The lotion itself is a pale pink color, reminds me of candyfloss. The texture is silky smooth, a little like a whipped cream. It takes a while to get massaged onto the skin, and most of it absorbs quite well. There, that’s the catch. When used as a hand lotion, the degree of absorption is “almost” and not completely. I can feel some of it washing off if I choose to wash my hands even after an hour. 😐 That was some disappointment. However when used as a body lotion after bath, it does hydrate the skin and keep it moisturized for hours at a stretch. It does not leave behind any greasy residue and actually feels soothing on the skin. I honestly love products that have a soothing effect on the skin, it feels so calming actually.

The ingredient list is loaded with emollient ingredients like glycerin, shea butter and fatty alcohols like cetearyl and cetyl alcohols. The result from infusion of such nourishing ingredients is certainly evident on the skin. I would however, recommend it for use as a body lotion rather than as a hand lotion. The thick consistency works perfectly as a body moisturizer. If however, you’re okay with reapplication, you can choose to use it for your hands as well. I love its intoxicating fragrance, the reason I end up using it as a hand lotion too at times, apart from using it as a body moisturizer.

Rose and Co. Hand and Body Lotion No.84 Ingredients
Rose and Co. Hand and Body Lotion No.84 Ingredients

I don’t know why this lotion feels somewhat tacky on the palm skin initially. However the tackiness goes away in minutes. It needs reapplication every time I wash my hands, but I won’t deny the fact that I also enjoy using it, thanks to its fragrance. Every time some product is dispensed from the pump, it emanates a rich, creamy floral aroma! The fragrance is absolutely delightful and is not the strong floral that I’m not so fond of. The floral notes here are mixed with “powdery notes of cedar, amber and musk”, which are very much evident in the fragrance. It lingers on for quite some time on the skin after application, which is a bonus.

The Final Verdict

The Rose & Co. No. 84 Hand and Body Lotion scent, is a beautiful addition to the vanity. The calming and soothing properties feel extremely refreshing on the skin. It hydrates and nourishes body skin quite well, but I won’t recommend using it on hands unless you’re okay with reapplication everytime you wash your hands. It keeps the skin supple and smooth, has an enchanting feminine fragrance which also actually lasts for quite a while after application. I love the fact that despite the name, the Rose & Co. Hand and Body Lotion No.84 does not smell solely of roses and flowers, but is a wonderful mix of floral, musk and amber. Moreover it is free from parabens too. Given the price, I’d say it is a decent option for lightweight moisturization!

My Rating: 3/5

Rose and Co. Hand and Body Lotion No.84
Rose and Co. Hand and Body Lotion No.84

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