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From Paris Subscription Takes You to the Beaches of Bali this November….

Hi people! I only happened to receive this month’s From Paris Subscription Box, and unboxing it has been fun. 🙂 From Paris Box is a comparatively new subscription box, that merges the best of two worlds – beauty and lifestyle. I’m not only hoarder of makeup and beauty products, but also a self-declared bath and body products’ addict. And you already know that by now. 😀 But a secret that still remains is, I love earrings just as much. So I was pretty excited about this new subscription box, and went ahead with ordering this month’s box for myself. It costs INR 699 for a month.

Some More About From Paris Subscription Box :

Quoting directly from their page –

” Every month, you shall receive 4-5 coveted fashion and lifestyle picks at your doorstep. Expect items such as fashion accessories, bath and body essentials, beauty and lifestyle products.

You can subscribe for 1 Month, 3 Months or 6 Months.”

And I particularly love how they describe themselves. Check out:

Staying trendy and yet remaining a classic isn’t an easy task. Add to it, the price tags. At From Paris Box, we believe in an effortless sense of style – in time and in your budget!

You’re No Less Than A Supermodel

We collaborate with fashionistas of international repute who are often styling the supermodels walking in Fashion Weeks. The rest of their day, they are hand-picking fashion items to make you look gorgeous!

Let’s Travel The World of Fashion

Fashion is like eating, and nobody enjoys the same menu every day! Hence, every month we celebrate a new story in style. While this month you’re wearing Paris, the next could be Miami and then it could be New York.

Hassle-free Fashion At Your Doorstep

You answer a bunch of simple questions once, and we create your style profile based on it. Keeping that in mind, every month you get the latest fashion trends delivered at your doorstep.
We are for the birthday cheers, we are for the midnight beers, we are for you.
We are, From Paris!

Find them here –

My Take on the Beaches of Bali :

First of all, I love how they organize their monthly goodies theme wise. And the box takes its theme from a new favourite destination every month. It’s like you literally travel the world of beauty in a box! This month’s theme is Beaches of Bali, and they have curated some really cool products in keeping with the spirit of beaches.

From Paris Box Beaches of Bali November edition
From Paris Box Beaches of Bali November edition

From Paris Box Beaches of Bali November edition

From Paris Box Beaches of Bali - welcome note, tassel earrings
Aww…. look at this cutesy welcome note people! I most certainly loved this… 🙂

When I filled out the form on their website, I was given a hoard of choices. I picked up earrings and neck-pieces and skipped free-sized bracelets, as they don’t always fit my wrists. And I’d prefer earrings above any other ornament in the world. So that’s that. 🙂

Here is what I received in the November From Paris Box :

  1. Tassel earrings
  2. A layered neck-piece color coordinated with the earrings
  3. Organic Mill Peppermint Foot Soak – INR 155 for 50g
  4. Sea Soul Body Massage Candle – INR 300 for 50ml
  5. A wooden comb – Sisir Kayu, a Bali speciality
  6. A 15% store credit coupon to be redeemed on

The packaging is neat, comes in a plain cardboard box with a label on top that has your name handwritten on it. Inside there is a welcome note, again with a handwritten one-liner in keeping with the theme. And let me tell you, I totally adore this kind of personal touch. The products are packed carefully in bubble wrap, as this box contains jewelry pieces that may be prone to snapping.

Take a look below for the complete un-boxing!

tassle earrings and layered necklace :

From Paris Box Beaches of Bali - tassel earrings

From Paris Box Beaches of Bali layered necklace
Oh look at this beautiful blue neck-piece… so summery, so beachy… 🙂

Perfect Bohemian pieces, the kinds that you’d carry in your vanity when on a Bali vacation, or any other beach destination for that matter. 🙂 I love the fact that they took the care to color-coordinated the pieces, so that I can wear both of them together if some day I am on a Bohemian frenzy. 😛 Oh so did you check out my Bohemian take on festive look that I did a few days back on the blog? Those are some days I want to go all out. 😀

Organic Mill Peppermint Foot Soak :

From Paris Box Beaches of Bali - organic mill peppermint foot soak, store credit

I love pampering my tired feet after a really eventful day at home or work. So I find this foot soak so perfect for a relaxed evening at home. 🙂 And since this is a peppermint flavor, it will be of immense use in the hotter months too for feet prone to sweating.

There is also a store credit voucher of 15% in the box. I will most certainly visit the official site of Organic Mill to make best use of this voucher. 🙂

sisir kayu – the wooden comb
From Paris Box Beaches of Bali - sisir kayu wooden comb
Sisir Kayu from Bali…

This wooden comb is a Bali specialty and in keeping with the theme of this box. The best part of using a wooden comb is that it helps combat static electricity produced at the time of combing the hair, in turn preventing “loss of loose hair strands”.

seasoul cosmetics body massage candle – sweet passion

To me, this is the star product of the box! I love, love the idea of massage candles. And why not? Imagine lighting a wick to spread the light, and the molten wax transform into a beautiful aromatic elixir that I can actually use to nourish my skin. Now who wouldn’t love that? Every single thing about this massage candle is delightful to me.

From Paris Box Beaches of Bali - seasoul cosmetics body massage candle in sweet passion
Seasoul Cosmetics Body Massage Candle in Sweet Passion

From Paris Box Beaches of Bali - seasoul cosmetics body massage candle in sweet passion

The massage candle in the box is from Seasoul Cosmetics. This is an Australia-based cosmetic brand which is quite catching up the Indian market with its natural-origin and chemical-free products. This candle contains the goodness of shea butter, oils of jojoba, almond, hempseed, wheat germ and sesame, Moroccan argan oil, and evening primrose oil, along with 100% pure Dead Sea minerals and vitamins. I received the variant Sweet Passion, and the fragrance is love. Just a whiff of it transports me to a state of bliss, uplifts my senses and calm them. Better still, it is very very reasonably priced at INR 300 for 50ml. I mean, have you seen the price at which luxury products like massage candles are tagged with?  I am yet to use it, but my instinct says I’m going to love this darling. 🙂

However, somehow I miss the spatula in the box that says it should contain one. I would very much loved to have that as well, since it could make the application so hassle-free.

The Final Verdict :

Although I find this box to be a pretty good deal for INR 699, I would also want to have a rate card for the products in the box. But that’s just me. With the little idea that I have, the total cost of the products in the box could be very well more than what it costs. The best part is, this box has only full-size products, and the jewelry is a good addition. So you get what you pay for. 🙂

From Paris Box Beaches of Bali layered necklace

For the Beaches of Bali edition, I particularly love the Seasoul massage candle, which to me, captures the essence of Bali in the truest sense. Exotic getaway and blissful spa – a complete rejuvenation of the body and senses – that’s what Bali is to me. I love the tassel earrings too, and the layered necklace, both of which are perfect Bohemian pieces to carry along on a beach vacay. Long, flowy pastel-hued dresses, tassles in the ears, breeze in your hair, and your beloved by your side. What else could make your vacation better? 🙂

So which of these did you like the most? Wish to book the Beaches of Bali for yourself, or a newly wedded friend? Click here and get yours now!

My Rating : 4.25/5

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