Onion Goodness for the Hair : Aroma Essentials Onion Hair Cleanser Review

Hi people! Hope you’re having a great time. I have this Onion Hair Cleanser from Aroma Essentials to talk about today, and this product has seen a lot of wait. Along with AE Growth Blend and Pro-V Serum, this shampoo has been a consistent part of my hair care routine.

Aroma Essentials Onion Hair Cleanser
Aroma Essentials Pro-V Serum, Hair Growth Blend
Aroma Essentials Pro-V Serum, Hair Growth Blend

About Aroma Essentials Onion Hair Cleanser :

Suitable for : All hair types

Contains : Onion juice, Onion powder, Mustard Oils, Essential Oils of Mint and Rosemary, Vegetable Oils, Shea Butter.

Functions : Makes hair feel smooth and soft, thoroughly cleanses scalp and hair

Aroma Essentials Onion Hair Cleanser

My Overview of the Product :

The AE Onion Hair Cleanser is hands down my favorite shampoo till date. Whew! I just couldn’t get on with writing anything else without saying this. Onions are known to work miracles for the hairs, and I couldn’t find a commercial brand that sold an onion hair product. Onion is one of nature’s best kept secrets, but I told you Madhurima is one genius lady. She had to know about onion’s benefits for the scalp and hair, and made this wonderful product out of it. 🙂 

The Aroma Essentials Onion Hair Cleanser comes both in a shampoo bar, and in a semi-solid formulation. Somehow I can’t get myself to use a bar on my hairs, so I opted for the semi solid version, priced at INR 235 for 125gm. The shampoo comes in a tub packaging, with the signature AE gold accents on the lid, and a protector or an inside lid to prevent spillage. The fragrance is a bit on the stronger side, and some may find it raw on the nose. However the essential oils take away most of the pungent smell that’s so characteristic of onions. Even I was initially apprehensive of how an onion shampoo would smell like. Although I was ready to combat anything for the sake of healthy hairs, this hair cleanser actually took away all my apprehensions. 🙂 The fragrance is spicy yet fresh, not what you’d call ‘pleasant’ but I like the freshness nevertheless.

Aroma Essentials Onion Hair Cleanser

Aroma Essentials Onion Hair Cleanser
Aroma Essentials Onion Hair Cleanser

The shampoo itself has a cream consistency that sits in the tub pretty well. For usage, I scoop out some of the product with my fingers, dilute it with water and apply to my roots and hair. It doesn’t lather a lot, but hey I don’t want the sulphate-lather at all, but effectively cleanses the hair. I have experienced no hairfall with this shampoo, and you may need to follow it up with a conditioner. On days I use only the Pro-V serum and no oil on my hairs, I use a conditioner post shampooing. And if I have properly oiled my strands, I feel no need for a conditioner with this shampoo. However you need to dilute the product really well, and rinse it thoroughly from your hair, otherwise it may tend to leave residue. I guess this won’t be the problem with the bar version though.

Benefits of onion for hair :
  1. Onions have disinfectant properties that prevents dandruff, and cleans up if any. It is also known to protect the scalp from infections.
  2. These reduce hair fall and breakage, and stimulate hair growth as well.
  3. Onions also prevent pre-mature graying of hairs.
  4. Onions are rich in sulphur, and nourish the roots.
  5. Using onions on hair imparts shine and volume to it.

And let me tell you I have already finished it off. 🙂 I used it generously and without any inhibition, because I had already started seeing its benefits. It not only stopped my hairfall, it also actually controlled my hair-breakage as well! Post washing hairs with this shampoo, I could feel my scalp so calm and cool, which actually felt quite relaxing. I think this is because of the mint essential oil present in it. The AE Onion Hair Cleanser also controlled my dandruff to some extent. The goodness of onion extracts combined with rosemary essential oil does its magic. 🙂 The shea butter and mustard oil provide the much needed nourishment to hair follicles and strands and help keep them soft and shiny.

The best part is, this shampoo is sulphate- and paraben-freecruelty-free and 100% vegan. Since it has no added preservatives, the shelf-life is around 6 months. However, if you have mid-length hair and use it on a regular basis, this 125gm tub would last you around 3-3.5 months.

The Final Verdict :

Aroma Essentials Onion Hair Cleanser
Aroma Essentials Onion Hair Cleanser

The Aroma Essentials Onion Hair Cleanser is an amazing option for an organic shampoo, and I am head-over-heels in love with this. Things couldn’t get better than an onion-based hair product, and my hunt for that perfect shampoo almost ends at the AE Onion Hair Cleanser. To be combined with mustard oil, and mint and rosemary essential oils, this cleanser has all the goodness you would need from a shampoo. 🙂 Apart from the fragrance, which may be an issue for some, I can see no cons in this product. And I have no problem with the fragrance as well. This shampoo is enriched with the wholesomeness of onion extracts, and comes in the freshest, unadulterated form. No chemicals. 100% vegan and organic. Cruelty-free. There’s no reason not to love this wonderful product. 🙂

My Rating : 5/5

Have you ever used onions for your hairs? How did it turn out? Talk to me in the comments below!


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