Nykaa Sketch Eyeliners Get Inked & Get Winged : Review

Hi people! Eyeliners and kajals are so much a part of our daily routines, aren’t they? And there is no dearth of them in the market. If you’re considering changing your regular eyeliner, you may well check out the comparatively new launch from Nykaa : Get Inked and Get Winged. They call these Sketch eyeliners. Cool, huh?

As much as these sounded intriguing to me (I’ve always wanted to draw those perfect cat-eyes),  I went ahead and picked up both of these. By the way, this is my first ever felt-tip eye liner. 😛 What? Is that you chiding me?! Umm, can’t hear. Beg your pardon, come again? 😉

Product Description :

(All information from Nykaa website)

Nykaa Get Inked! Sketch Eyeliner – Onyx 01: (MRP : 450.00/-) | Quantity – 1

Living for a super-sharp, statement-making eyeliner? Don’t just gush over the stunning eye looks, master them yourself with Nykaa Get Inked! Sketch Eyeliner. Featuring a slender and precise felt tip, this intensely pigmented, waterproof pen lets you achieve intense black liquid lines effortlessly. Every stroke gives you unparalleled, defined fluid finish. Fine and natural or broad and bold – any look is easy-peasy with this artist!

  • Made in Europe
  • Super long-lasting, smudge-proof formula
  • Waterproof, Long-lasting, 24-hour wear
  • Conical, precise felt tip
  • Intense black finish in every stroke
  • Dermatologically tested and approved
  • Free of Parabens.

Nykaa Get Winged! Sketch Eyeliner – Black Swan 01: (MRP : 450.00/-) | Quantity – 1

Just wing it! Life, liner..everything! We bring you Nykaa Get Winged! Sketch Eyeliner featuring an innovating slanted felt tip that is going to make your life easier. This unique design allows you to get those to-die-for wings every time! Super long wearing and super easy to use, this sketch liner is all you need to slay the day. Classic, coveted flick or a dramatic cat eye, your wish is this liner’s command!

  • Made in Europe
  • Super long-lasting, smudge-proof formula
  • Waterproof, Long-lasting, 24-hour wear
  • Innovative, slanted felt tip
  • Intense black finish in every stroke
  • Dermatologically tested and approved
  • Free of Parabens.
Nykaa Sketch Eyeliners Get Winged (Black Swan 01) & Get Inked (Onyx 01)
Nykaa Sketch Eyeliners Get Inked (Onyx 01) & Get Winged (Black Swan 01)

Price and Availability : The combo is available on Nykaa for INR 900, you can buy each individually at INR 450.

My Experience with Nykaa Sketch Eyeliners:

Both of these are designed very similar. It isn’t until you read the writings in the body or open the cap that you realize which product you’re holding in hand. Both have sleek pen-like structures, with a cap. And both come in similar looking pink-fuschia cardboard boxes. Both are uncannily similar. Here is where I have a problem. I wish Nykaa paid a wee bit attention to the details of the packaging, that could serve as an icing on the cake as their products are generally good. At times of hurry I have often opened the wrong product, that I had to put back and bring about the one I needed, killing some more time in the process. 😐

Nykaa Sketch Eyeliners Get Inked (Onyx 01) & Get Winged (Black Swan 01)
Nykaa Sketch Eyeliners Get Inked (Onyx 01) & Get Winged (Black Swan 01)
Nykaa Sketch Eyeliners Get Inked (Onyx 01) & Get Winged (Black Swan 01)

However there’s something I really like in the body of the product. The grip! Yes these pen-like sketch eyeliners have grey rubber grips to ensure better hold and control while you draw that line. 🙂 Much like pens with grips have been designed with user convenience in mind.

Nykaa Get Inked! Sketch Eyeliner – Onyx 01 :

Onyx is the classic black eyeliner every girl would need. It has a pointed tip, intense black pigmentation and excellent color payoff. The ultra-fine tip leaves behind a trail of black ink as you draw it across your lid. I get a better control with this eyeliner, thanks to its rubber grip and precise tip. Also it gives you a tenth of a second to wipe off that mark in case you drew in the wrong line. After that the somewhat-watery-black-trail  just settles and doesn’t budge unless you’re tampering with it. 🙂

Nykaa Sketch Eyeliners Get Inked (Onyx 01) & Get Winged (Black Swan 01)
Love that grip in the Nykaa Sketch Eyeliners 🙂

The texture of Onyx is very much like ink – very smooth, glides on skin easily – justifying its category as a “sketch” eyeliner. It  also feels extremely lightweight and on drying up, you won’t feel that you’re even wearing it! It is easily removable with any standard makeup remover. However there’s a minor problem I noticed. One day there was this dust in my eyes wearing Onyx, and as an impact of a reflex action, I rubbed my eyes only to find some of the black ink transferring to the tips of my fingers. Yikes!! Thank goodness I did not lose the complete color from the lids, but from then on I have been careful.

I have worn it for only as longest as 8 hours, and it stays on fairly well with a faint fading, noticeable on close inspection. The texture of this product allows you to layer on, or create thick lines or thin, depending on your preference.

What I don’t get is why naming this product was necessary.  It seems like Nykaa may have some more shades on the lineup. If that’s the case, I’m hitting up on more Get Inked’s for sure, because I totally love this felt-tip eyeliner marvel. The ease of use coupled with the paraben-free formula, makes it even more endearing to me. It also has a shelf life of 2.5 years!

Nykaa Sketch Eyeliners Get Inked (Onyx 01) & Get Winged (Black Swan 01)
Nykaa Sketch Eyeliners Get Inked (Onyx 01) & Get Winged (Black Swan 01)
Nykaa Get Winged! Sketch Eyeliner – Black Swan 01 :

Black Swan is of the same shade as Onyx, so you can actually use this to draw the wings after you’ve lined the eyes with Onyx. It has a slanted tip which is also stiffer. Something I couldn’t get accustomed to easily, and still find a bit uncomfortable on using it on the delicate eye area. But as is with everything, you only need to get a hang of it. 🙂 The tip however, helps in drawing that wing of your choice, thus fulfilling its purpose. I’m never a fan of long, wide wings, but the shorter ones I can draw with ease with Black Swan.

Apart from the application, this too has similar properties in the formula, texture, payoff, longevity and shelf-life as its Get Inked counterpart. However somewhere I end up using and preferring Onyx over Black Swan. I had also created a draw-on masquerade mask as a Halloween special look (check out the step-by-step breakdown here) with Onyx, and surprisingly it still retains its precision in-tact for quite a few uses. The tip may have waned out a bit, but with the convenient, conical design I can always work it on my lids, maybe by slanting a little, sometimes even instinctively.

drawn -on masquerade mask
Created this masquerade look with Nykaa Get Inked Sketch Eyeliner.
Purple eye makeup with liquid lipstick
Used Nykaa Get Inked for the eye lining
Purple eye makeup with liquid lipstick.. Nykaa get inked liner

You can check out the above LOTD breakdown in my purple eyes Bohemian Festive Look post.

The Final Verdict :

The Nykaa Sketch Eyeliner Get Inked + Get Winged is a duo that every eye-makeup lover should have in her bag. These have super-convenient and travel friendly packaging, praiseworthy color-payoff, a comfortable and lightweight texture and amazing paraben-free formula. If I have to pick a favorite of the two, it will be Get Inked (Onyx), which I find so versatile and perfect to give wings to those makeup looks you’ve always imagined, or a temporary sketch you’d want to draw on like a tattoo. Get Winged too does a decent job, only it needs more getting used-to. Somehow I end up using Get Inked more frequently. The only thing I would want to see is some distinct packaging, and of course more colors lined up the shelf for both variants!

My Rating : 4.5/5 (Get Inked),  3.75/5 (Get Winged)

drawn-on masquerade mask

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