Aroma Essentials Pro-V Serum, Hair Growth Blend
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My Hair Care Regime with Aroma Essentials’ Organic Goodness: Hair Growth Blend and Pro-Vitamin Serum

Hey everyone! After Aroma Essentials sent me their products, my hair care regime changed for the better. Ever since acute hormonal changes resulted in a bitter hair fall, I realized the importance of regularly providing the hair roots with nourishment. Stocked up on oils and serums, and the AE hair kit added to it. That’s also when I chanced upon the Juicy Chemistry Hair Serum and reviewed it on the blog. Now I have almost made a vow to provide my hair follicles and strands with sheer organic goodness. Wholesome organic and pure. No sulphates or harmful chemicals.

Why I say ‘almost’ is because, I’m whimsical. 😛 Not my fault but now, Geminis are whimsical. 😛 I may want to color my hair someday, or maybe just style them at salon. Although I have kept my mane away from blow driers and heat for quite some time now, but to be honest, I do use my Philips hair dryer on the rarest of occasions and on its lowest temperature. On days when the sun fails to show up despite attempts and it rains incessantly, and I have to wash them hairs. Else there’s nothing better than air dried mane.

I naturally have fine hair strands, which doesn’t impart a lot of volume to my hair. Losing them thus, is nothing short of a nightmare for me. Now I have been using the Aroma Essentials hair products for around 3 months, and ready to share my views with you.

My Hair care stance with Aroma Essentials :

I received a hair growth blend and a pro-vitamin hair serum from the brand. All of these products are 100% vegan and handmade. Now Aroma Essentials is a cruelty-free brand as well and while I say this, I feel so good in talking about a home-grown brand that carries ethics and values in their name and their products. 🙂 Madhu also doesn’t use preservatives in her products, so these have a shelf-life of six months. When I mention Madhu, I can’t help but tell again and again that she’s a genius. You have to flip through their catalog to believe this. So many skincare and haircare products diversified across ingredients!

Aroma Essentials Pro-V Serum, Hair Growth Blend

The Aroma Essentials Hair Growth Blend :

This contains almond oil and jojoba oil, and some essential oils like those of  rosemary, lavender and mint. I cannot emphasize upon the benefits that rosemary oil has on the scalp. It not only soothes an itchy scalp, but also stimulates hair growth. Both almond and jojoba oils are famous for their hair growth properties. I use this essentially on my scalp the night before, and wash off next morning.

Aroma Essentials Hair Growth Blend

The packaging is simple. A transparent bottle with a flip top. The instructions on the label say this can be used on a daily basis. I use it on alternate days and accentuate it with the Pro-V serum at times. The product itself is of honey color and has a runny consistency. Its flip cap leads to a small nozzle through which you can actually drip the product, and apply it directly onto the scalp. I apply it and massage gently with my fingertips to ensure better absorption in the hair follicles. This is priced at INR 410 for 70ml.

Aroma Essentials Pro-V Serum, Hair Growth Blend

The hair growth blend is almost like an oil, so at times I apply it on my hair ends as well. Now this is oily so you need to keep that in mind. However it is not greasy in an unwanted way, and the oiliness can be washed off easily. For my hair type at least, a little quantity ends up somewhat oily. This has a pretty raw herbal fragrance, which I actually love. 🙂 It actually smells of the essential oils, and you can feel the goodness of nourishment you’re providing your hairs.

This product also contains vetiver roots, well-known for reducing body heat, and rose petals that soothes pre-menstrual stress. It is suited for controlling hairfall due to hormonal change imbalances. A lot going on in a small bottle I tell you. And Aroma Essentials Hair Growth Blend actually worked for me!  I already told you I find its fragrance to be soothing. It also calms a raging scalp (hey I go out everyday in the sun and pollution), thereby drifting me off to serene sleep. It may also be the effects of lavender oil working in conjunction with rosemary. I have noticed almost no hair fall when I wash it off next morning, and additionally it has improved my hair. No this hasn’t doubled my hair volume, but I have observed teeny-weeny newbie hairs coming after using it consistently for a month. Totally recommended from me. 🙂

The Aroma Essentials Pro-Vitamin Serum :

This precious little thing comes for INR 410 for 45ml. Now this product is perfect for those with an oily scalp, or those who shy away from using hair oils. Every type of hair in the world needs nourishment, and I learned it the harder way.  Madhu says this product is made on request from people. And let me tell you, she puts in so much thought and effort behind each of her products. You have to take a look of the catalog, or talk to her to know the diverse range of products she keeps making. The official Aroma Essentials insta and facebook pages keep flooding with kudos from their customers. 🙂 One knowledgeable lady she is.

Aroma Essentials Pro-Vitamin Serum

The serum is enriched with pro-vitamin B5. A pro-vitamin is a substance which converts to the respective vitamins inside the human body. This serum is intelligent. 😀 Perfect for me. Because I cannot always afford to use oils on my already oily scalp. Moreover on times I have a cold, leaving an oil overnight is a no-no for me. Those are the times I rely heavily on this serum to nourish my hair. Moreover being a full-time working lady, this comes as a savior, because I only need to keep it for an hour in the morning before I wash it off. Well that’s the minimum time you need to keep it on for the serum to work. 🙂

However I use it in many other ways. I have used it together with the hair growth blend, wherein I leave the hair growth blend overnight and follow up with the pro-v serum in the morning before washing my hairs. At other times I have applied this on my scalp and left it overnight as well. It works amazingly either way. And this is also a perfect solution when I need a quick-fix for my hairs. 🙂

The Aroma Essentials Pro-V Serum is extremely lightweight, and doesn’t feel oily at all. This is coming from a lady with fine hairs. 😀 However I try not to expose my hair to the sun while having any of these products on my mane. The Pro-V serum is essentially yellow in color, and tends to separate in two layers when left standstill. So make sure to shake it well before applying it to the hair.

Oh well this has a similar packaging as the hair growth blend. And you need to apply it directly to the hair roots, followed by a gentle massage with the fingertips to ensure a better absorption. But with this product, you may need to oil your strands once in a while as this product is solely meant for the roots. It won’t control any frizz, and it’s not meant for that as well. But this also means I can actually team this serum with any hair oil of my preference!

This product has worked efficiently for me. I have noticed no hairfall with this product, and extremely happy with the health of my hairs at present. No I don’t have chemically treated hairs, nor do my hairs look like straight-from-a-salon. But yeah, the products did well for my mane. I think I’m definitely going to repurchase the pro-v serum from Aroma Essentials. And I highly highly recommend this, and particularly for people with oily scalp! Please note that Aroma Essentials hair products are meant for use by both men and women, and work just as effectively for both. 🙂

Aroma Essentials Pro-V Serum, Hair Growth Blend
You can see I have used up half of these already… will finish up soon I think 😀

The Final Verdict :

Overall I have been loving both these products for my hair. However, the packaging has scope to improve. At times I find it a little difficult to dispense the product through the nozzle. Maybe a dropper would make things even easier? No complaining though. Given these products have shown me results, and help me maintain my overall hair health, I would recommend you all to check out at least one of these for yourself. If you are looking for targeted solution for your hair problem, shed your inhibitions and have a chat with Madhurima. The kind lady will sure find something for you, or she may even customize one from her genius to suit your needs. 🙂 But with the vast catalog that is Aroma Essentials, you’re sure to find something for yourself.

My Rating : 4.75/5


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