Monday Moods : The Time That Was

Hey everyone! Quite some time since I last posted on Monday Moods. Hope you all are having a great start to the week, and Monday has got you geared up for the rest of the days. 🙂

I was wondering the other day how most of us are often complaining about the shortage of time. I’ll confess here, I do so too. At times I fret over time-management, while on others I comfortably club all my activities within the waking hours. To me, the one of worst feelings one can have in a lifetime is that of regret. Mostly we repent over the decisions taken wrong, and many times the consequences of decisions lead us to spend our precious time wrong. And the bitter truth of life is, time cannot be reverted. That’s the regret we all have at some point of life or other. Time spent wisely can be a source of happiness and contentment, while the time whiled away can only breed remorse in future…

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to celebrate your family – your parents, spouse and children. They are the ones who we spend most of our lives with, and there’s where the risk lies. The risk where we unknowingly take them for granted. The risk of a future regret. Usually when we seek relaxation after a tired day, we immerse ourselves in our smart devices, in the highly illusive digital world. It is addictive and alluring, and we often overlook the charm of sitting down with our family and have a wholehearted talk. Till date, my fondest memories are of those summer evenings when our family would sit together and laugh and talk, oblivious of the hours that passed. Well I have penned down a poem on the magnificence of time. Hope you enjoy it! 🙂

Monday Moods : The Time That Was
Monday Moods : The Time That Was
 The Time That Was

Time is but a funny being,
As abstract as is tangible,
Each moment to be truly lived-
However laughed or cried,
Each moment be truly made worthwhile.

The wondrous fourth dimension,
Dark and unexplored – time it is,
That silhouettes eras bygone,
That defines present with aplomb,
And the future unseen…

So Revere the brevity of life,
And Cherish all those moments,
Love with all your heart,
For all that you have today,
Is nothing but the gift of time…

The beholder of the darkest mysteries,
And the unraveler of new ones,
It would swallow us all
In the darkness of its abyss
While the remorseless clock ticks on…

So wake up friends,
Wake up to the greater truth,
Let go of ill will and niceties,
And hold your beloveds closer;
Bare your heart and laugh and cry,
Treasure them and weave your dreams,
Build your palace of memories,
For the transient life which is but one,
And time that was would never return.

Monday Moods : The Time That Was
Monday Moods : The Time That Was

What We Could Do :

I can confidently say I have never regretted any time of the day that is spent with family. I always make it a point to sit down with my family every evening after I return from work, and we hear each other out. Every time my husband and I set our smartphones aside or switch off the TV, we have a good talk, and a laugh or two, and even share our troubles.

Spending time with those physically present with us is always amazing. Those who are away, we can always catch up on phone, but there’s a fine line called priority. While it is important and wonderful to stay in touch, but those who surround us are the ones spending a major chunk of their lives with us. A part that they could have chose to spend with anyone else, but they chose us. They love us, and our gift of time is priceless to them. Nothing makes them happier. 🙂 We never know what the future holds for us, hence it is of a prime importance to live the present to its fullest with those that really matter.

I have learned the importance of cherishing my family and prioritize those present with me. I have learnt it the harder way. Every minute is precious and so I try to be mindful in choosing where and how to best invest it. But I have my lows too, and not all days are the same. Sometimes I find solace in a story book or solitude, while at others I write or have a chit-chat. There are times when I’m on my smartphone too. It definitely is a form of relaxation as well. 🙂

Just as much it is important to give a lot of time to the people around you, it is also extremely significant that you don’t lose out on your dreams. If you have something on your mind, and you have been waiting for the right opportunity, let me tell you there’s nothing called a right time or a better opportunity. If it is your dream, it is pertinent that you start living it right from this moment and everything else will fall into place. In your heart you know you can, and your instincts will guide you. If you know what is your calling, you should set off in that direction without further ado. Someday or the other, you will be living your dreams and on looking back on that day, you will have no regrets. And that will be a life worth living, and a lifetime worth reminiscing on. 🙂

Have an amazing week ahead!


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