Monday Moods : Why You Should Spend Some Time With Yourself – The Essence of Me-Time

Have you ever wondered
At the bliss of solitude?
To be speaking to your own mind,
And listening to your soul?
When the city sleeps,
And downpour drenches the concrete,
I knock my heart awake
And hear its words through the beat…

As bewitching as the wonders of the world,
Is the moment when my own bond,
The heart, mind and soul –
Entwined together in a connection so electric,
That pierces my very being –
Unfolding desires from deep within,
And transpiring a moment of truth,
As a profound experience burns through…

Hi everyone! Hope you’re doing good on a Monday. It’s quite some time that I posted something in Monday Moods, you can blame it on the busy weeks that I’ve been through. I have been looking forward to share this with you – the power of solitude. As much as we may be called social animals, a serene moment of solitude can sometimes be pure bliss. 🙂

The very essential Me-Time –

This is what you can do in your moment of isolation :

  1. Reflect on your thoughts – Talk to yourself, search within yourself. Believe me, every answer lies inside you. Let your mind and heart take over your tribulations, and the solution you get is one of the best. 🙂
  2. Don’t think only about troubles. Try donning your hat of imagination, and transport yourself to that land where you have always wanted to be. Try imagining a perfect life in a perfect place. And when you come back to the present, probably you’ll have lot of idea on how you can perfect your day!
  3. Plan and plan. Take a few moments off every week to plan the next few days. On setting your schedule and fitting tasks at hand to meet your target in the end. Note down incomplete tasks carried over from the previous slot, and schedule all of them in order of priority. You will definitely feel sorted and get over the feeling of being messed up.Monday Moods : Why You Should Spend Some Time With Yourself - The Essence of Me-Time
  4. Ask yourself, are you happy with what you’ve done so far? Or is there a hidden ambition lurking inside? Would you be happy to let it stay dormant by the time you turn fifty? Or would you want to work towards it and feel happy about it afterwards? Chances are you will actually take out time to live your passion post this reflection of thoughts. 🙂
  5. Write a journal, and pour out all your emotions in those hidden pages. This actually helps in controlling emotional outbursts to some extent, and you feel in better control of your sentiments.
  6. Sketch, read a book or live your passion! Yes. With nobody to put you to task, or check in on you, you can actually live those moments of bliss. Do what you do best. This is the next best thing you can do apart from striking a conversation with self, to put your lone me-time to best use. 🙂
  7. Bask in the glory of Mother Nature. It relevantly calms and soothes the mind, and steadies your pace of arduous strides in life. Nothing but nature can instill sense of hope in us. The reason why people in urban regions seek escapades in the lap of nature. This actually, is another form of self-discovery. Something that gives results similar to the effects of meditation.
  8. Apart from spending that lone time solely for intriguing yourself, you can actually catch up on some pending tasks. But this is something I would not do lest I lay down my schedule first. So this remains at the bottom of the list of my to-do’s when I’m alone.

I have noted down majorly those that I do when on my own. And I don’t regret being alone once in a while. I have noticed that I don’t get bored now, ever since I started enjoying my company. It has helped me calm myself, and live my passions. It fuels my creativity, and sorts my unending thoughts. I also feel that spending some time with myself has helped me to become little organized. Sometimes I tend to get tired of socializing. It’s then that spending some lone-time relieves me.

Monday Moods : Why You Should Spend Some Time With Yourself - The Essence of Me-Time

I always wanted to try meditating. But somehow I haven’t managed to do so yet on a regular basis. However, I have started to feel that some time spent with just me and me alone, calms my mind just as meditation would. Particularly when I’m relishing the beauty of nature, or donning the imagination hat. It helps to concentrate the mind and tame restlessness.

In the long run, it would even pave the path towards self-realization. I hope I would garner enough patience from learning through solitude, to practice meditation on a regular basis. 🙂 I am not talking spiritual in this post, but certainly peace of mind is what we all are in the search for in this maddening rat race. There’s so much to learn and discover in a well-spent, secluded time zone.

As much as I love talking to people, I have learnt to enjoy my own company too. Somewhere down the line, we all need that. That little space for ourselves to craft our thoughts. If you’re someone who’s scared of loneliness, try out something from those enlisted. Start with any, and soon you will find innovative ways to spend it better. It may even be that you will gradually start reveling in your own company, and churn out your passion to work in that span. 🙂

Do you love spending time alone? What do you do when left on your own? Share with me in comments below!


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