Monday Moods - Gesture
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Monday Moods : A Little Good Gesture

Hello beautiful people! Another Monday and most of us might be wondering how the weekend flew by so soon. 🙂 Nevertheless we have reached the end of the day like every other seemingly impossible Monday. On my way back from work today, a very small and rather mundane incident made me ponder on a spontaneous trail of thoughts.

This is what happened :

The wider roads in my city are divided in bylanes to get a better control on traffic. I was stuck in one of them for a long time while the other bylanes had cars speeding by. That’s when I steered my car to get onto the next lane because that was almost empty with no nearby cars. It is a common occurence and I’m sure I have encountered similar incidents innumerable times before. There was this SUV that was coming by in the lane I was trying my car to get into. I generally prefer avoiding getting into clashes, so I halted till the SUV passed by. But to my surprise the SUV gave a halt and made way for my car to take the lead.

Now, as I said, vehicles often do this on the streets and it is very normal. But it was only today that I realized something. By paving way for me the SUV won’t reach its destination any later nor would I reach mine any sooner. It was a matter of 1-2 minutes. Only the gesture mattered.

Everyday we come across a horde of such incidents. Sometimes we notice and sometimes we let go. It’s all in the gesture that you show. Nothing is lost but perhaps a little respect is gained? A small gesture is when a youth leaves his seat for an aged, or when you open the door for someone who has his hands full. Maybe help somebody to get something she’s looking for – whether an abstract piece of information or something materialistic? Just two lines of comfort for a broken heart, or even a silence of solace and support by her side? What is in a good gesture after all? There’s nothing to lose, really. 🙂

Life is not about calculations. Every petty thing should not be calculated against doing good. Yes I agree there’s always the limit and that fine line should never be crossed. Never as in never ever. Sometimes polite people do pay a lot, but when they encounter politeness in return, certainly they respect that. And when one is calculative in gestures, the retaliation comes back in some way or the other by rule of nature. A gesture doesn’t cost anything but can be your way to be at peace. 🙂

We all strive for peace in this ridiculously maddening world. Contentment is a rare phenomenon. But more often than not, a small gesture of kindness and goodwill paves way to a state of pure bliss. It has the power to even brighten your day and of somebody else’s. 🙂

Monday Moods - Gesture

Have you shown gesture to anyone recently, known or unknown? How did you feel after that? I will be glad to know!

(P.S. The pictures are courtesy of my husband, who is an amazing nature photographer by hobby 🙂 )

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