Meghalaya Diaries – Day 2 : Mawlynnong, Living Roots Bridge & A Boat Ride at Dawki

Hey everyone! Hope you are doing good. Our Day 2 at Shillong was mostly spent at MawlynnongDawki and the very famous living roots bridge. I was really looking forward to visiting Mawlynnong which is the cleanest village in Asia. And of course the living roots bridge falling in the same itinerary as Mawlynnong. 🙂

Find photos of my Day 1 trip at Cherrapunji here. 🙂

Meghalaya Diaries : en route to Mawlynnong
Took a stop en route to Mawlynnong… to experience the other-worldly beauty… (this was just a candid shot… Posing is most definitely not in my mind when I’m amidst nature :D… wearing the MAC Color Rocker Lipstick in Forbidden Sunrise 🙂 )

Day 2 : Experiences to Behold…

The first stop was at the living roots bridge. The bridge was nothing my Howrah-bridge-accustomed-eyes were familiar with. 😀 Intelligently constructed, this bridge was constructed of real and breathing tree roots, overlooking a mighty waterfall and connecting two villages. Undoubtedly, I was more than glad to just be at that place and walk the walk. 🙂

Meghalaya Diaries : Living Roots Bridge
Meghalaya Diaries : Living Roots Bridge

Soon after, we were at Mawlynnong. We didn’t take a lot of snaps in Mawlynnong, however the way of life there was way better than one would imagine in their right minds. The womenfolk there are the front runners, steadily working their way through to earn a living for their families. There were souvenir shops and dhabas run by the women at their helms with utmost patience. That welcoming smile which is so much a characteristic of these strong ladies is what I admired the most. They communicate fluidly with tourists in English and perfectly know what they do best. 🙂

And girl were they clean! A huge board instructing the do’s and don’ts stands proudly at the very entrance to the village. I did gain a lot of respect for these people for whom cleanliness and preservation of nature is such a priority. 🙂

Meghalaya Diaries : Mawlynnong
Meghalaya Diaries : Mawlynnong
Meghalaya Diaries : view from Mawlynnong
Meghalaya Diaries : view from Mawlynnong – greens and greens are all you see all around… wetlands of Bangladesh visible at a distance…
Meghalaya Diaries : the balancing rock at Mawlynnong
The balancing rock at Mawlynnong – nature has its miracles everywhere. 🙂
Dawki – there’s something more than what meets the eyes…
Meghalaya Diaries : winding roads to Mawlynnong
Winding roads to Mawlynnong… if this is not breathtaking, what is? 🙂

We headed for Dawki after the Mawlynnong “experience”. The narrow, unwinding road to Dawki from Mawlynnong gives ample view of the neighboring country of Bangladesh. Now the river in Dawki (has a name which I don’t recall at the moment, but it is more popular as the river Dawki), is breathtaking. Without an ounce of exaggeration. The river flows through Meghalaya and into Bangladesh. surrounded by the foothills at one end, and beaches of white sands on the other! How incredible would you call that? 😀

The evening time was perfect for visiting such a heavenly place, and we could not resist the temptation of a boat ride across it. Albeit the descend from where we were to the river felt insecure, but I’d trade the risks any way. It ain’t everyday I’m coming to this place! And I tell you the boat ride was worth every risk. 🙂 Imagine yourself surrounded by mountains, with dark caves peeping through the rocks, and water dripping from the steep walls into the river, and off you sail amidst these… could the experience be any more ethereal?

Meghalaya Diaries : the river in Dawki
Meghalaya Diaries : the river in Dawki
The Dawki River
Meghalaya Diaries : the river in Dawki
The island where the boats moored at the heart of the river…
Meghalaya Diaries : the river in Dawki
Breathing in fresh air… an letting the beauty all around sink in…

A small island was where the boats moored for us to breathe in the air and let the beauty seep deep in our senses. The air that was laced with the fragrance of the ancient rocks, and the fresh greens… At a distance was Bangladesh, now clearly visible with its tourists and military personnel. A ride through the Dawki town thereafter, got us to meet and greet our very own BSF jawans at the official border. 🙂 While hubbs chatted his way through with the soldiers, my eager eyes followed a cat that easily paced across the border without a flinch. And why should she? Borders are meant for us humans and not for them…

They say pictures speak more than words…
Meghalaya Diaries : the river in Dawki
The river changing colors in the late evening sunrays… lovely, ethereal…
Meghalaya Diaries : the river in Dawki
Shores of Bangladesh along the river, just a small distance away… Amazed at how a river too has borders… 🙂
Meghalaya Diaries : the river in Dawki
The river in Dawki and the island within…
Meghalaya Diaries : the river in Dawki
City nestled among wilderness on the foothills… shot from the island…
Meghalaya Diaries : the river in Dawki
Rocks and boulders might scare you once you realize you’re at their mercy… the realization is stunning I daresay…
Meghalaya Diaries : the river in Dawki
I love the color of the water here- a hubby with Moto X Play = gorgeous snaps 😀
Meghalaya Diaries : Bangladesh border
Meghalaya Diaries : Bangladesh border – So it goes like… I’m standing in India and clicking a picture of Bangladesh on the other side… Yes even the greens there are foreign to us… how weird is that to imagine? 🙂
time to return as dusk engulfs the earth…

The way back to Shillong was accentuated with mighty and sober waterfalls and placid lakes. I would say again I’m glad I chose the monsoons to visit this part of the world. 🙂 However, the rain gods now decided to pour cats and dogs once the sun went down. Darkness embraced the skies, and the light from the headlights showed us a blurry way through. Kudos to Mr.Das, our driver for the day for his immense patience and high efficiency that saw us safely through the bad weathers. In no time we had cozied up in our rooms at The Habitat. 🙂

Our bodies were tired as logs after two days of mountainous terrains. Nevertheless the mind was rejuvenated, heart was happy and the soul at peace.

Meghalaya Diaries : waterfalls on the way
Waterfalls interspersed the entire road back to Shillong
Meghalaya Diaries : waterfalls on the way
Another magnificent fall… notice how the water looks as white as milk? Such a pretty sight… 🙂

The final part will be a brief of the rest of the trip. So stay tuned for the conclusion! I know I am posting after a long gap, but sometimes life puts you in a rush and you barely get time to breathe. 🙂 But now you can reach me on all my social channels – @ambersityblog (TwitterInstagram), @AmbersityBlog (Facebook). Give a like and follow for updates!

Have you been to Shillong? Which season did you choose? Share your experience with me in comments below!


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