MAC Girls Collection : MAC Mischief Minx Palette – Swatches, Review & LOTD

Hello beautiful people!

Finally another Monday draws to an end, and I can’t help but wonder how we literally live for the weekends. Now don’t we? Sinful souls and creepy minds, MAC is here to blast them all with its brand new launch. 🙂 MAC Girls is an interesting launch of new eye shadow palettes, named after the many characteristics of us, the real women.

I picked up MAC Mischief Minx, because I really loved the colors and textures of the shadows in this palette. And the names. They match my Gemini characteristics quite a lot (just saying :P). While I’m an on and off “flaming femme”, I could be “totally trouble” too from time to time. And of course I have my own “stride of pride” more often than not. 😉

MAC Girls Collection Mischief Minx Palette
MAC Mischief Minx from the MAC Girls Collection
MAC Girls Collection Mischief Minx Palette

Oh and I bought this wild cat for INR 4200 from Nykaa.

How MAC Describes Mischief Minx and Her Partners in Sweet Crime…

  • Mischief Minx – Bright Orange Frost (Satin Shine)
  • V Frisky – Muted Gold (Foil)
  • Flaming Femme – Darkened Clay Red (Creamy Matte)
  • Been There, Done That – Dark Brown with Gold Pearl (Satin Shine)
  • Natural Tease – Bright Yellow Gold Frost (Foil)
  • She-nanigans – Reddish Copper Frost (Foil)
  • Schemer – Dark Brown (Creamy Matte)
  • Totally Trouble – Blackened Purple (Creamy Matte)
  • Stride of Pride – Golden Rose Highlighter (Opalescent)
MAC Girls Collection Mischief Minx Palette
MAC Girls Collection Mischief Minx Palette
MAC Mischief Minx Palette up close
Swatches :
MAC Girls Collection Mischief Minx Palette : Swatches
MAC Girls Collection Mischief Minx Palette : Swatches

All the eyeshadows are gorgeously pigmented, and the foils are particularly excellent in terms of payoff and pigmentation. The mattes are smooth and easy to apply, and the satin shines are a hybrid between the mattes and foils. I faced no fallouts with the shadows but for one – Been There, Done That, but then it was minimal.

LOTD with MAC Girls Collection Mischief Minx Palette

For the look, I used Flaming Femme all over the lids, Mischief Minx on the crease to create a ‘halo’ effect, Schemer on the outer corner, and She-nanigans just at the centre of the lid and along the lower lash line. The muted-pink and orange creates a beautiful sober eye that is very wearable. The copper frost adds only the subtle pop to the eyes and is perfect when you want to go easy on eye makeup. For highlighting the inner corners and my cheekbones, I picked an unconventional choice – V Frisky – the golden foil and the result was downright stunning! It did not make my face look like a disco ball, yet the inevitable highlight was unmissable. Since I kept my eye makeup on a low key, the highlighter added the right amount of charm to the look. 🙂

My favorites from the palette are Mischief MinxV FriskyShe-nanigans, Flaming Femme and Totally Trouble. The highlighter shade Stride Of Pride is a very pretty shade that will work across skin tones, and particularly look flattering on warm Indian complexions. Mischief Minx again is a very different shade with a beautiful formula, and Totally Trouble is so perfect for those smoky eyes on sultry evenings…

LOTD with MAC Girls Collection Mischief Minx Palette

The Final Verdict :

The best part about this palette is its versatility. You can create muted matte or subtle shimmery eyes just as easily you can create beautiful sparkly party-ready eyes. The foils in this palette are to die for, and my favorite formulas from the palette. The MAC Girls Collection is an amazing launch from MAC at the price point, and Mischief Minx palette has all the warmth I will need this fall. 🙂

My Rating : 4.75/5

So what do you think of this palette? Which is your favorite shade?

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