Welcome Luscious Lips with Skincafe Lip Tint Balm : Apple Cranberry Pie – Review

Hello lovely people! Let me introduce you to a wonderful brand today. A brand that is innovative, thoughtful and consistent. Skincafe is a brand you might or might not have heard of. This is because they don’t insanely publicize themselves, or their products. But the brand has a beautiful ideology and a small team of closely-knit people, that are dedicated to providing some wonderful skincare products. And I feel equally delighted and honored to be associated with this kind brand and present its product before you.

Skincafe majorly works on lip care, although they have a nice range of face masks. Each of their products are named after a dessert, and their product catalog looks more like a dessert heaven than a skincare e-com site! You’ve got to see their website to believe it.? Find them here : http://www.skincafe.in.

Let me show you a few snippets from their website. 🙂

Skincafe website
Their website enlists the products in form of pictures of these super delicious desserts and smoothies… 🙂
Skincafe website
So when you hover over any of these pictures, the associated product is displayed! How creative is that!!

I received their Lip Tint Balm in Apple Cranberry Pie, a mildly red-tinted lip balm. Read on for the complete review.?

About Skincafe Apple Cranberry Pie Lip Tint Balm :

The texture is of a solid, easily spreadable balm. Mango seed butter gets absorbed quickly into your lips and what is left behind is a sheer rosy tint for the just bitten lip look.

The color is a happy red – subtle and confident – red with an attitude.

Our kind-to-skin lip tint balms are a healthier alternative to drying lipsticks and lip stains. Made with skin friendly herbs and rich plant-based oils, these leave your lips softly tinted and moisturized.

For best results, use after a lip scrub.

  • Paraben & BHT free.
  • We do not use chemical preservatives in our lip tint balms.
  • We do not use petrolatum or petroleum jelly in our lip tint balms.
Price and Availability :

Their products are made-to-order and are exclusively available on their official website. The tinted lip balms are priced at Rs.900 for 9gm.

Skincafe Lip Tint Balm (Shade : Apple Cranberry Pie)

My Experience with Skincafe Lip Tint Balm :

There are several unique things about this lip balm. To start with, the packaging is absolutely lovely. It comes in a glass jar, enclosed in a thick cardboard box. The entire thing – the enclosure and the enclosed – feels heavyweight, physically and aesthetically. The cherry-tinted lip balm shows through the transparent glass jar, that feels utterly adorable and exotic at the same time. Ah! my love for all things beautiful… Have you ever come across something that feels sturdy and dainty at the same time? Take cue from this wonderful packaging. Drop it and you might be done for good, keep it safe, and this will sway your heart every time you open it. 🙂

Skincafe Lip Tint Balm (Shade : Apple Cranberry Pie)
Skincafe Lip Tint Balm (Shade : Apple Cranberry Pie)
Skincafe Lip Tint Balm (Shade : Apple Cranberry Pie)

I love it when cutesy lip balm jars are well-packaged. All the ingredients and other product details of this lip tint balm are clearly mentioned at the bottom of the jar. I get a whiff of some sinful cranberry dessert every time I open the screw cap. And girl it looks so beautiful, settled all serene and placid in the jar, it breaks my heart to disturb it! 😀

Skincafe Lip Tint Balm (Shade : Apple Cranberry Pie)
Skincafe Lip Tint Balm (Shade : Apple Cranberry Pie)
Skincafe Lip Tint Balm (Shade : Apple Cranberry Pie)
Why the glass jar packaging?

Now this is a very important aspect which this brand thoroughly emphasizes. While many of us prefer using lip products in a stick form for the ease-of-use and convenience, Skincafe has a different ideology, which I feel should be shared with all of you. Not only is the glass jar an example of ecofriendly packaging, but also they are a safer option for the delicate skin of the lips. Why? Read on…

The brand ideology :

“SkinCafe believes that every time we use any lip product – from a tube packaging or otherwise – directly on our lips, we are essentially depositing an invisible layer of saliva onto the top of the lip product, and the next time we apply that product on our lips, what we are rubbing onto our lips is, yes, that layer of dried saliva, which in turn causes the vicious cycle of lip balm addiction – the more saliva on our lips, the more we use lip products, and the more we use lip products (with a layer of dried saliva, if not Indian masala food micro particles), the more we feel the need to use lip products, unaware of whether this is helping or harming our delicate lips.

SkinCafe recommends using clean dry fingers, a makeup spatula or a lip brush to grab any skin product from its packaging. If using fingers, flick the finger outwards, to push the product on top of your fingernail rather than underneath it.

Honestly I used to prefer the hassle-free stick packaging. Then I read this. And when I did, I perfectly realized the need of those two minutes when we should actually clean our fingers to apply a lip product. Thanks to Skincafe team for enlightening me in this regard. 🙂

Skincafe Lip Tint Balm (Shade : Apple Cranberry Pie)
Skincafe Lip Tint Balm – Shade : Apple Cranberry Pie
The tint and the formula :

Apple Cranberry Pie is a beautiful reddish pink or a cherry red when swatched. In the jar however, it appears more like a tomato red. It is unlike any lip tint balm available from an indigenous brand in the Indian market today. Because the “tint” in its name stands out, and is not just a namesake. The color payoff is noticeable with just one swipe, and shows up as a natural pink flush on my somewhat pigmented lips. Of course you can go on adding layers for a more intense color payoff. It is similar to that “just bitten” look, which is a favorite nowadays, thanks to K-beauty. ?

Skincafe Lip Tint Balm (Shade : Apple Cranberry Pie) - Swatched in natural light
Skincafe Lip Tint Balm (Shade : Apple Cranberry Pie) – Swatched in natural light
Skincafe Lip Tint Balm (Shade : Apple Cranberry Pie) swatched in room LED lights
Skincafe Lip Tint Balm (Shade : Apple Cranberry Pie) swatched in room LED lights

I absolutely love how natural this tint looks on my lips. Furthermore, even when I build it up at times, it never fails to look natural. It is a tinted balm, and it shows up exactly as a tint. It is not just a balm nor is it a highly pigmented lip stain. True to its name, it nourishes the lips and imparts a beautiful hint of color. At times I dab some of it concentrating at the center of my lips, to intensify the shade right there, and give a subtle gradient.

It’s amazing how I can use this tiny jar in versatile ways. And thus, I love using this tint balm, it’s like an addiction. I keep going back to this throughout the day, because I love how happy it makes me and my lips.

Skincafe Lip Tint Balm (Shade : Apple Cranberry Pie) on my lips
Wearing Skincafe Lip Tint Balm (Shade : Apple Cranberry Pie) on my lips

The formula is rich and emollient. As a balm, it makes my lips utterly soft and plump, combating chapped lips and banishing all dryness! Moreover I love the smooth buttery texture of this lip tint balm, the ease of application that it enables, and how beautifully it melts on the lips. Neither is it watery that makes me run for lip moisturizer in an hour or two, not is it like a thick butter that can be difficult to scrape out. The Skincafe Lip Tint Balm has an easy waxy texture and an emollient formula, which moisturizes the lips without feeling heavy or sticky.

The ingredients :

(All information is sourced from Skincafe’s official website)

Cera Alba (Beeswax), Mangifera Indica (Mango) Seed Butter, Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Pyrus Malus (Apple) Infusion, Magnesium Stearate, Skin/Food Grade Fragrances & Approved Cosmetic Grade Colors.

Skincafe Lip Tint Balm (Shade : Apple Cranberry Pie) - Ingredients
Skincafe Lip Tint Balm (Shade : Apple Cranberry Pie) – Ingredients

Beeswax :

  • Forms a protective humectant barrier on the surface of your skin.
  • Provides a film of protection against irritants while still allowing your skin to breathe.
  • Acts as a skin softening agent for dry, rough lips.
  • Has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help to heal allergic rashes.

Mango Seed Butter :

  • Rich in vitamins A, C & E, which work to combat free radicals.
  • Protects skin from sunburn and soothes sunburnt skin.
  • Has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties.
  • Absorbs easily into your lips, and is non-greasy.

Cocoa Seed Butter :

  • Source of antioxidants, which help combat free radicals and help save your lips from signs of ageing and environmental stress.
  • High in fatty acids, and hydrates the skin deeply.
  • Provides a barrier to protect your lips from outside pollution and harsh weather.
  • Contains cocoa mass polyphenol (CMP), which helps ease rashes and cold sores.

Avocado Oil :

  • Rich in vitamins A, D & E and lecithin and potassium, all of which are good for mature or dry lips.
  • Rich in Omega-3 fatty acid which protects skin from UV rays.
  • Enhances skin’s ability to generate collagen thus reducing fine lines and age-related wrinkles.
  • Soothes dry and itchy lips and even helps heal chapped and bleeding lips.

Apple Infusion :

  • Source of vitamin C, that helps produce collagen that gives your lips a healthy and plump appearance.
  • Contains copper that helps make melanin to protects skin from UV rays.
  • Provides skin-friendly vitamin A that helps combat free radicals and smoothes out ageing skin.
  • Improves skin health and protects against further tearing of chapped lips.
Skincafe Lip Tint Balm (Shade : Apple Cranberry Pie)
Skincafe Lip Tint Balm (Shade : Apple Cranberry Pie)
The usage and lasting power :

As Skincafe emphasizes, this lip tint is best used with clean fingers. You can also use a brush to create a diffused or flushed look of your choice. I generally use my ring finger to apply the product on my lips, or at times dab in at the centre of the lips to create a diffused effect.
Honestly this lip tint balm lasts longer on my lips than any other that I have used till now. The tint may fade off after a heavy meal, but the moisturizing effect remains. Thanks to naturally derived rich moisturizing agents like beeswax, mango butter, cocoa butter and avocado oil, this lip tint balm is an excellent lip moisturizer, added to that a beautiful natural tint.

Shelf life:

3 months from date of handcrafting.

Now this is the only thing with which I have a little problem. 3 months is too less a time to finish off the entire jar. It is at least for me. However since they add no preservatives, it is best to use up as much as possible within the span of 3 months. It’d kill to waste even the last scoop of this wonderful product. 🙁

Skincafe Lip Tint Balm (Shade : Apple Cranberry Pie)

Now a question might have popped up in your head right when you learned the price of this tiny jar. So many may wonder why is an Indian brand charging a whopping Rs.900 for a jar of lip balm? The answer partly lies in the reason for a short expiry. They also do not use any petroleum-based products that are easily and widely available, rather 100% natural ingredients like naturally derived plant oils. Pure and naturally extracted products come with a price, and this brand never compromises on their quality. Their products speak for themselves. Skincafe impresses me majorly with their commitment and true-to-words results.❤️❤️

The Final Verdict :

Skincafe Lip Tint Balm is a massive hit. It is at least with me. I finally have something in my own country that gives my lips that pink K-flush, and I do not for the time being, need to purchase anything similar from Korean websites (although I still love their water and gel based lip tints). This gives my lips all the nourishment along with a lovely hint of color. Apple Cranberry Pie is a beautiful cherry shade that translates into a subtle pink on my lips. The packaging is super-awesome, the outer box almost feels like the one with a ring inside ;). The texture is balmy with a thick consistency, yet melts like a dream on contact with skin.

Skincafe Lip Tint Balm (Shade : Apple Cranberry Pie)
Doesn’t the box give vibes like it’s holding a ring inside? 🙂 Even the outer box is so thoughtfully made, I simply love it…

I can even create a gradient lip with this product. And I can’t even begin to tell how much I love the subtle dash of color, which is also buildable. The lasting power is highly impressive, and not for once did my lips feel dry or uncomfortable throughout the span that I used it. Just make sure your fingers are clean when you are applying it, so as not to contaminate the product in the tub. I only wish it had a longer shelf life. The price too (while I do understand is high) I will say is justified. Most importantly, it is utterly commendable how the brand takes care of every small aspect associated with the product.

i love it!!

The Skincafe Lip Tint Balm is a boon for anybody with chapped or dry lips. It is a complete treat and treatment in itself! I thoroughly enjoy using it, while also reaping benefits from this excellent product. It keeps my lips healthy and luscious, and that hint of color is unmissable! You might as well store this tinted lip balm in a refrigerator to prevent it from melting in the warmer months.

My Rating : 5/5

Highly recommended. Definitely worth one repurchase, or perhaps more! 🙂

Skincafe Lip Tint Balm (Shade : Apple Cranberry Pie)
Skincafe Lip Tint Balm (Shade : Apple Cranberry Pie)

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