International Friendship Day : Gifting Ideas for All Types of Friends

Hello people! Friendship Day is just around the corner, have you planned anything yet? Ah I know, most of us are either caught up in a busy life, or live away from one another in different cities. So while meeting up may not always be possible, we do hold those darlings close in our hearts. And as maturity catches up with us, we seldom speak up of how we love them, and miss them. Bygone are the teens when showering friends with gifts was more than just a norm. Friendship bands, greetings and chocolates were greatly exchanged and cherished.

But while meeting up physically may not always be possible, how about sending across tokens of love in form of gifts to those friends? The advent of e-commerce websites and subscription boxes has made it so easy to shop for gifts. I have a few gifting ideas for all types of buds, whether near or far. Read on to know!

For the Bibliophilic Friend :

The easiest yet the finest gift you can ever give a bibliophilic friend are books, or even better, go for book subscription boxes. There are a few really amazing book subscription boxes available in India, which not only curate the latest and best releases, but also include cool bookish merchandise with each box. If you’re on a high budget, go ahead and present a Kindle (in case she doesn’t already possess one). Or order a set of books for her from Amazon and send it across. Easy-peasy! An icing on the cake would be if you customize the gift. Try adding a fragrant candle, or some quirky stationery along with the set of books, check the option of gift-wrap while checking out on amazon, and send it. She will love the whole of it, and I repeat, nothing makes better gifts than books!

For the Beauty Addict Friend :

Taking cues from gift ideas for bibliophilic friend, you can send across a beauty subscription box to your beauty addict bud. There’s no dearth of good and affordable subscription boxes across the beauty niche standing today. Additionally they mostly have a pretty packaging too, and you can always ask them to customize or add a friendship day note on your behalf to your friend. Few boxes that you can opt for : My Envy Box, Ellish Box, My Fabbag, Princess Box. Do check out their official Instagram pages to know how they’re curating the boxes.

You can also customize a hamper on your own based on your bff’s tastes. If she’s a natural skincare buff, you can curate a hamper for her from brands like Aroma EssentialsJuicy ChemistryHumble Bee LuxuryThe Skin Pantry etc. If she loves cosmetics, send her matte lippies, nail paints and eyeshadow palettes. And if you’re not sure, build a gift containing bath and body products like The Body Shop Shower Gels and Body Moisturisers (they’ve dropped their prices quite a lot on their shower gels and moisturisers, and who can resist TBS after all?:D). TBS also has gift sets that you can choose from, or build your own gift both online and offline.

For the Fashionista Friend :

While subscription boxes like The Bling Box, Super Saver Bag and Orna Box Jewels make for a great gift with a beautiful mix of statement jewelry pieces and fashion and beauty stuff, I will also suggest you buying gift cards from Myntra and sending them across. Myntra is a fashion e-commerce giant, and your bestie can sure make good use of the gift voucher! If you’re thinking even more special, send a designer jewelry piece from Tribe by Amrapali or Suhani Pittie, or any other that you may know and prefer. 🙂

For the Workaholic Friend :

If your bestie is a workaholic, chances are she may be neglecting her health. Gift her a fruit infuser bottle to take sips of health at work every now and then. Or you can also gift her a customized coffee mug with a picture of your gang, that she can flaunt at work while also reminiscing on good old days at tea and coffee breaks. 😉

For the Homemaker & Home Decor Lover Friend :

First off, please note that by saying a “homemaker” I do not intend to hurt anyone’s sentiments by any means. What I imply by a “homemaker” here is someone who may be married and harbors the desire to dress up her home impeccably and near to perfect. For those buddies, I say take a cue from sellers like Cute Little Nest, who sells insanely adorable yet good-quality home décor products. Starting from LED lamps in various shapes and colors, to jewelry trays and organizers, cushion covers, storage boxes and what not! You can also send across a gift voucher from Urban Ladder or Pepperfry that she can put to good use while doing up her home.

Swan LED Lamp
This Swan LED Lamp from Cute Little Nest is a perfect gift
Cloud LED Lamp (Pic Courtesy : Cute Little Nest)
Cloud LED Lamp (Pic Courtesy : Cute Little Nest)
Cushion Covers for the Home Decor Lover Friend(Pic Courtesy : Cute Little Nest)
Cushion Covers for the Home Decor Loving Friend (Pic Courtesy : Cute Little Nest)
Metal Jewellery Tray (Pic Courtesy : Cute Little Nest)
Metal Jewellery Tray (Pic Courtesy : Cute Little Nest)
Ceramic Jewellery Tray (Pic Courtesy : Cute Little Nest)
Ceramic Jewellery Tray (Pic Courtesy : Cute Little Nest)
Ceramic Jewellery Tray (Pic Courtesy : Cute Little Nest)
Ceramic Jewellery Trays (Pic Courtesy : Cute Little Nest)
For the TraveLER Friend :

For the friend who is a travel lover, you can gift earphone pouches that could also serve to keep chargers and data cables. Eye Masks ensure a sound sleep, so cutesy eye masks could be an amazing gifting idea for a traveloholic bud. The ones who are always on the go, need power banks at their behest. Try adding a fun touch to devices by ordering quirky banks from sellers like Cute Little Nest. A scratch-map too could be a great idea for the friend passionate about travelling. 🙂

Earphone Pouch (Pic Courtesy : Cute Little Nest)
Earphone Pouch (Pic Courtesy : Cute Little Nest)
Eye Masks (Pic Courtesy : Cute Little Nest)
Eye Masks (Pic Courtesy : Cute Little Nest)
Unicorn Power Bank (Pic Courtesy : Cute Little Nest)
Unicorn Power Bank (Pic Courtesy : Cute Little Nest)
Scratch Map (Pic Courtesy : Cute Little Nest)
Scratch Map (Pic Courtesy : Cute Little Nest)
For the Movie Buff or the Foodie :

These type of bffs are best to pamper when in the same city! Plan a girl’s outing, catch up on a movie and treat yourselves to the one of the best buffet spreads in the town. If not, there are so many bakeries in almost every city that delivers to doorstep. Track down a bakery in her city, plan a gift with handmade chocolates and other eatables, and send in for a surprise! If even that is not possible, hail subscription boxes once again to the rescue. Opt for food subscription boxes like the Gourmet Box, The Tea Box, Tea Trunk, The Nibble Box, Snackible and Flicbox. These make for some delicious treats and would leave behind a lasting impression, making for a memorable Friendship day gift. 🙂

Friendship Day Gifting Ideas

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