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How I Used LEDs to Perk Up My Home ft. Cute Little Nest

Hello people! Cute Little Nest is the new store in Insta town that I can’t stop raving about. Not because it is a startup by a good friend, but because it sells the most adorable stuffs for your home! Well I’m excited about today’s post, not only because it is about one of my favorite niches, but because it is my first post on home decor.?

I have only recently shared my haul with CLN in Instagram, and all of your interests already showed how popular this can get. Today’s post is all about how I used those teeny tiny stuffs to light up nooks and crannies of my home. ?

What I bought (although most of you already know that?):

  • Swan LED lamp – INR 1100
  • Rose LED String Lights – INR 600
  • Princess Eye Mask – INR 299

And received additional smiley pen and Chandbalis from Voylla as special gifts! (Don’t envy me sweets, I was one of their first customers.?)

My Haul from Cute Little Nest
My Haul from Cute Little Nest – Rose string LEDs, Swan LED, Princess Eye Mask, smiley pencil (freebie), Voylla earrings (special gift for first orders)

Princess Mask from Cute Little Nest
Princess Mask & price details from Cute Little Nest
The Swan LED Lamp:

Remember the flamingo LED lamp that Pretty Little Things’ Shaurya and Akriti showed up in their Room Tour? And that stole so many of our hearts?❤ Sigh. How I awaited something as cute yet useful little piece of show for my room… They say, “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” Enter the Swan with all its majestic valour and resplendence, and I fall in love all over again.?

Swan LED Lamp
Love it as a night lamp!

While the world is immersed in the wave of unicorns, I lost my heart to the ancient charm of the swan. That said, you can get your hands on unicorn or flamingos too, with one or two shade options. This kind of creature LED lamp is the perfect accessory for your table top. Be it the console or end table, study desk or your dresser, it can light up any piece of furniture and warm your heart.
The Swan lamp has small LED bulbs embedded on its sturdy plastic body, contouring its sleek shape. It uses 2 AA batteries and bears a switch at the back.

Although I love lighting it up every now and then in evenings, I thoroughly enjoy using it as a night lamp. The soft, ethereal glow that this emits is dreamy, and like my friend and blogger Mrinal from Womenskincareandbeauty said, “straight out of a fairytale”.❤

Swan LED Lamp
Swan LED Lamp — emits a warm white light to warmyour soul and calm your heart…
The Rose LED String Lights:

I love flowers. And roses are in the favorite category. How could I say no to roses that glow???I was fascinated with the wide variety of string LED lights that Cute Little Nest offers in their catalog. Shruti is a helpful soul as I’ve always known her, and with her at the helm of CLN, you’re assured of getting all your queries answered and products priced at the most reasonable rates.

So after going through all shapes and sizes of string LEDs, I went with the 2 metre Rose string lights that bears 20 glowing roses. However the pieces are dainty and you would not want to use a rough hand with these.

Rose LED String Lights
The glow that illuminates… – rose LED string lights in the dark
Rose LED String Lights
Warm White from the Rose LED String Lights

Using 3AA batteries, the light emitted is warm white. The switch has 3 modes, off, steady and flickering.

How I use/intend to use the Rose LED String Lights:

  • To decorate my dresser;
  • To decorate any show case or display cabinet;
  • For use as a bunch of flowers on console table/table top;
  • To use for festival lighting;
  • For photography as a prop.
Rose LED String Lights
The Rose LED String Lights intertwined to illuminate the vase. You can do same with any of your statement show pieces.
Rose LED String Lights
Two metres of string LEDs are sufficient to embellish a standard dressing mirror
Rose LED String Lights
Loosely hung floral string lights
Rose LED String Lights
Rose LED String Lights — in room lights
Rose LED String Lights
In the daytime, the delicate florals adorn the showpiece just as nicely as it illuminates the same at night.

The versatility of these lights is directly proportional to your capacity to imagine!?

What I like a lot about these lights is, if you’re a dreamer and a romantic at heart, you can actually use either of these to build up an ambience alike a candlelight dinner.? You do not need to block any air and yet get the experience of a faux candlelit dinner with your loved one! Set up a table by the window side, on the balcony or the porch, build the ambience and lay the dinner. How fascinating does that sound??

Rose LED String Lights
“I would rather be a superb meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow, than a sleepy and permanent planet.”
Care and Maintenance:
  • Do not expose the flowers to dust for a long time.
  • Best used occasionally, you can clean the petals with a soft brush.
  • The swan LED lamp is comparatively sturdier and can be wiped with a clean cloth.
  • Avoid direct contact with water.

Rose LED String Lights

A Last Word :

Apart from creature LED lamps, Cute Little Nest also has alphabet LED lamps, and hearts and stars and clouds — a never ending list! You can ping her on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/cutelittlenest/) to know more about the product catalog. One thing to note is that all the products are imported, so shipping takes a while. But hey, good things come to those who wait! Diwali is in a few months’ time, so if you’re thinking to get some lights for your home, better get going since making a choice isn’t easy ;), and shipping takes time. And before I sign off, let me tell you I have already placed a second order with CLN, so you can expect some more cuteness vibes in this space. ?

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