ENN Gourmet Face Masks (b-t): Berry Bang, Cocoa Mess
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Indulge in Gourmet Face Masks from ENN: My Experience with AC-NAY, Berry Bang, Cocoa Mess – Part 2

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My Experience with ENN Berry Bang:

ENN Berry Bang Anti Ageing Face Mask

Berries are synonymous with anti-ageing. The only “berry” I can find in the ingredient list of this mask is “strawberry”. Other than that the mask is enriched with antioxidants which claim to rejuvenate and restore skin. Packaging aesthetics same as any other gourmet mask from their range, Berry Bang has a similar color as AC-NAY. Light pink in shade but a firmer and less grittier texture than AC-NAY, Berry Bang turned out to be my favorite among the three! The mask feels smooth to touch and apply but contains very fine exfoliating particles. It spreads evenly on the skin and is actually easy and quick to apply. It is easy to wash off as well, but take care to not dry it out on the face. I tend to spritz with a face mist when I feel the mask has started to dry in portions.

ENN Berry Bang Anti Ageing Face Mask
ENN Berry Bang Anti Ageing Face Mask
ENN Berry Bang Anti Ageing Face Mask

The real surprise comes post washing the mask. The skin not only looks fresh and glowy, but feels fresh and clean. It helps shrink the pores to some extent, but of course the effect is temporary. I have also noticed my T-zone turns less oily on the day I use Berry Bang on my face. It does not parch my skin too which I really appreciate. The bumps on my face look less obvious and it helps calm redness too to some extent. This mask actually wins in so many aspects. It is mild and gentle, yet effective. It has a very mild sweet fragrance which gives me a spa-like feeling whenever I put this on.

I can’t really comment on its anti-ageing effects as it’s hard to tell from a mask. It does make my skin look and feel smoother and softer, and I can reach out for it any day. Its unique features make it apt for use throughout the year for my oily-combination skin. This is because this is a clay mask (contains kaolin clay), but is infused with anti-ageing goodness of cherry blossom oil and strawberry extracts, along with skin soothing aloe vera, sweet almond oil and calamine! Kaolin, aloe and calamine are great for skin that faces breakouts.

ENN Berry Bang Anti Ageing Face Mask
Secondary lid on ENN Mask Packaging

The Final Verdict:

I would like to call ENN Berry Bang mask apt not only for anti-ageing benefits, but also for any skin type that’s sensitive and prone to breakouts. I honestly love the effects of this mask on my skin. It brightens and softens, cleanses and refreshes. I would highly recommend this for all skin types. If there’s one mask that you want to try from ENN, try Berry Bang. I only wish it had a longer shelf-life!

My Rating: 4.75/5

ENN Cocoa Mess

ENN Cocoa Mess Face Mask

About the Product:

The Cocoa Mess face mask is the personification and embodiment of one word: pure, and total indulgence. From its raw dark chocolate fuelled ingredients to the wisps and dashes of mint and other luxurious and powerhouse elixir of minerals, it delivers a spa-like experience in the comfort of your home, to the tune of your own schedule. Put on some relaxing music, feel the world slip away, and wake up with the skin of your dreams.

This face mask is creamy, luscious and delicious to touch and smell. It makes a great gift for the woman who has everything or the woman who is a gracious host. Perfect for all skin types, no one ever said no to cacao indulgence that is natural and healthful.

Price: INR 875 for 100g. Discounted price available occasionally on Nykaa and Purplle.

ENN Cocoa Mess Face Mask
ENN Cocoa Mess Face Mask
ENN Cocoa Mess Face Mask

My Experience with ENN Cocoa Mess:

To be honest, I don’t have a lot of craving for chocolates or chocolate-infused skincare. I do occasionally enjoy chocolate in bath and body products, mostly for the intoxicating smell. I bought this because ENN said it was a “nourishing” mask. The main ingredients being cocoa powder, chocolate powder and cocoa butter (that’s a whole lot of chocolate, mind you) concocted in a base of kaolin clay and infused with sandalwood oil and aloe vera. One can only expect it to be utterly nourishing on the skin. And that’s where I made a wrong choice. I did not love it on my skin, it left my skin greasy and tacky. It failed to refresh my skin and I regret buying this. Cocoa Mess is not meant for my skin type and that’s where I faulted in choosing it. 🙁 I’ve given it to my mom who has a dry skin. I would personally recommend this mask for people with severely dry skin, hoping the nourishing aspects of this mask would be able to help your skin.

Despite the inclusion of kaolin in this mask, the scales weigh heavier towards the richer ingredients. It did apply well and wash off too, but it failed to help my skin in any way. I actually had to use a cleanser to wash off the greasiness on my skin from using Cocoa Mess.

The Final Verdict:

Oily to oily-combination skin types please steer clear of this mask. Cocoa Mess is magnificently rich and will do nothing to help skin that already deals with excess sebum. However this mask can prove to be helpful for dry skin types and those with dry, mature skin. Normal skin types can try using it in severe winters, to add some extra moisture to the skin. But since I possess none of these skin types, it will be wrong on my part to recommend it to anybody.

My Rating: 2.5/5

ENN’s gourmet masks will leave you spoilt for choice. Each of their masks have unique textures and fragrances. Their ingredients are quite specific too. However I can see aloe vera and kaolin clay in almost every ENN mask. This is intelligent because aloe vera will help soothe the skin if it tends to get irritated from any other ingredient in the mask. These masks make for perfect self-pampering and I love the colors and varieties these come in. Just make sure to pick out the right mask for your skin type and you’re done for the next 6 months!

ENN Gourmet Face Masks (t-b): Cocoa Mess, Berry Bang, AC-NAY
ENN Gourmet Face Masks (t-b): Cocoa Mess, Berry Bang, AC-NAY

P.S.: all pictures are taken with Google Pixel 2.

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  • Neha Sharma

    Thanks for sharing your honest review about both the masks. I have a normal skin type and I really like the smell of chocolate and cocoa, so I would like to try the Cocoa mess in winters, because that’s when my skin becomes horrible. I would love to check more products from this brand but berry is not my type.

  • Khushboo

    I was planning to buy Enn products but was not sure about it. Your review helped me to decide i can try these mask.

  • Prerna Sinha

    I would like to try the ENN berry bang as the mask is enriched with antioxidants. This will help my skin to look more young and beautiful. I really love the packaging also

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