Fuschia Lavender Buds Natural Herbal Handmade Soap – Review

Hi everyone! Today I have another bath soap from Fuschia for review. This is the Lavender Buds variant and the fourth in the set of five soaps that I bought from Myntra. I have previously reviewed their HoneyBentonite Clay and Saffron Buds variants.

Product Description :

  • Love the benefits of lavender
  • The fragrance helps you relax,
  • Helps headaches go away.
  • Lavender is known for its uses –
  • Antibacterial,
  • Deodorizing
  • Muscle Relaxation.

The set of 5 is available for INR 1125 and a single piece of 100 g for INR 250. It is available on Vkare’s own website and on other e-commerce sites as well. Often the soap sets are available on discount.

 Fuschia set of Natural Handmade Soap
Fuschia set of Natural Handmade Soap

Fuschia Lavender Buds Natural Herbal Handmade Soap
Fuschia Lavender Buds Natural Herbal Handmade Soap

My overview of the Product :

The Fuschia soap set came in a pretty cardboard box with pastel color coordinates. While the box itself is quite pretty to look at, the soaps have a very simplistic packaging quite similar to each other. The soap comes wrapped in a transparent cellophane with a namesake paper wrap with the details.

The unique thing that you’ll notice in the lavender buds soap is the infusion of a lot of real lavender petals in it! These lavender petals are dried and embedded on one face of the soap. Quite unique I say. 🙂 The soap itself is a pale purple in color and has a fresh, floral fragrance.

Fuschia Lavender Buds Natural Herbal Handmade Soap
Fuschia Lavender Buds Natural Herbal Handmade Soap
Fuschia Lavender Buds Natural Herbal Handmade Soap
Fuschia Lavender Buds Natural Herbal Handmade Soap

The Fuschia Lavender Buds Soap is gentle on the skin. However if you use the face with the real lavender petals, it feels a little abrasive. Nevertheless you can use it for a gentle exfoliation once in a while. The soap doesn’t completely dry out the skin, but skipping a moisturizer post bath is not recommended. 😛 The soap lasts for quite a long time although it loses its color with regular use. It does not melt but may lose its shape if kept in moist conditions for a long time. Unlike the Bentonite Clay variant, the Lavender Buds soap also does not leave any layer on the skin. It makes for a relaxing and refreshing bath in the summers. 🙂

Lavender is known for its de-stressing properties. It also helps relax aching muscles. Although this soap does not achieve miraculous results, it does significantly help me unwind after a tired day.

The Final Verdict :

Overall, I’m quite satisfied with the Fuschia Lavender Buds soap. The price is pocket friendly too. I absolutely adore the idea of infusing dried lavender petals in the soap. It gives an earthy feel and makes for a de-stressing bathing experience. Intelligent additions like this are what make a product stand out among rest others. 🙂 This soap feels soothing on the senses and provides for some exfoliation to the skin as well. Altogether, the Fuschia Lavender Buds soap is a pretty good option for a bathing bar in the summers!

My Rating : 4.75/5

Is there any bath-and-body fanatic out there? 😀 What are your favorite bath products for the summers?


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