My Envy Box July 2017 – Unboxing, Review

Hi everyone! My Envy Box reached me about a week back when I had shared the pictures on my insta handle. However a very busy personal front got me penning down the whole review finally now. 🙂

Ever since MEB started releasing teasers for its July Box, I was hooked. 😀 The primary reason was the green clay mask and the Cocoon face serum that came with high claims. There were also the Anatomicals samples (although samples don’t excite me much) which I wanted to try. And lastly the color of the box – GREEN. Ahem, do you think I need more convincing? 😀

My Envy Box July 2017 "Into The Wild"
My Envy Box July 2017 “Into The Wild”
My Envy Box July 2017 "Into The Wild"

My Envy Box July 2017 "Into The Wild"
My Envy Box July 2017 "Into The Wild"

My Envy Box “Into The Wild” July Edition – Contents :

The theme of this month’s July Box is “Into The Wild” – the green box itself speaks volumes about that. 🙂 The box itself looks beautiful, and the products as always, come arranged neatly inside the box.

This month’s MEB has six products – 3 full-sized and 3 samples.

Coccoon Eternal Youth Smart Night Serum + Intense Repair (Full-Sized)
My Envy Box July 2017 "Into The Wild"
My Envy Box July 2017 “Into The Wild” – Coccoon Eternal Youth face Serum

Price: INR 599 for 30 gm.

Product Description: Fight all signs of ageing with this powerful, lightweight serum. Wake up with more radiant, younger looking skin, every day. Dramatically reduce fine lines, wrinkles and provide intense hydration to reveal a youthful, radiant you.

Myoho Face Mask (Full-Sized)
My Envy Box July 2017 "Into The Wild"
My Envy Box July 2017 “Into The Wild” – Myoho French Green Clay Mask
My Envy Box July 2017 "Into The Wild"

Price: INR 380 for 40 gm.

Product Description: The perfect detox for the face. The goodness of French Green Clay in this mask deep cleans your pores, removes toxins and keeps your skin feeling fresh and hydrated. For all skin types.

Really excited to try this one out. 🙂

Aaaand… did you notice the color of the products? :D:D Ooh so much in sync with the theme! I love these green blends. You see that’s what I love about green. It just balances out and syncs in with everything in the universe. Not sure if those at MEB did it purposely… but the color co-ord was a hit with me!

My Envy Box July 2017 "Into The Wild"
All things bright and green… 😀
Vert Solid Perfume (Full Sized)
My Envy Box July 2017 "Into The Wild"
My Envy Box July 2017 “Into The Wild” – Vert Solid Perfume Tranquil

Price: INR 1300 for 10 gm.

Product Description: All the delicacy & softness of cocoa butter & almond oil in this alcohol-free solid perfume, for fragrant touch-ups throughout the day. Apply on pulse points (neck, bust, wrists).

This is the only product that I have used so far from this month’s box. Although I’m not much into solid perfumes, I quite liked the fragrance of this. It has a mix of cocoa and floral notes, with hints of citrus. If you get what I mean. 😛 I used it on my wrists and it lasted me around 4 hours. But the scent started to wane off at the end of 3 hours, and completely gone after an hour more. The best part, this doesn’t have alcohol in its formulation. 🙂

Anatomicals – Coconut & Mango Body Lotion (Sample)

Price: INR 65 for 10 ml sample and INR 650 for 100 ml.

Product Description: With the freshness of coconut and mango extract, the Anatomicals Coconut & Mango Body Lotion is quick to absorb and condition and results in smooth skin that prevents dryness.

Anatomicals Citrus Body Scrub (Sample)

Price: INR 65 for 10 ml sample and INR 650 for 100 ml.

Product Description: Fragranced with grapefruit extract, the Anatomicals Citrus Body Scrub will buff away dead cells without damaging the skin’s delicate surface leaving it smooth and velvety.

My Envy Box July 2017 "Into The Wild"
My Envy Box July 2017 “Into The Wild” (L-R) – Anatomicals Coconut+Mango Body Lotion, Citrus Body Scrub

I prefer carrying samples like these while traveling. Bath and body products tend to be bulky and/or messy, so samples of the same come as life savers. They care for my skin just as well, and keep my bags light. 😀 But of course if I don’t have travel plans, I relish these on a lazy weekend. Oh and I quite love the quirky names of Anatomicals products. 😉

Iraa Insta Sheild photoageing cream (Sample)
My Envy Box July 2017 "Into The Wild"
Iraa Instasheild Anti Photo-ageing Cream Sample in  July 2017

Price: INR 789 for 50 gm

Product Description: Iraa Instasheild Anti Photoageing Cream is uniquely formulated to help fight sun damage and improve your skin’s texture. It nourishes the skin and improves the skin elasticity. With SPF 30, it protects your skin from UVA and UVB rays, boosts collagen, moisturizes and hydrates your skin leaving it with a luminous glow.

Well I haven’t heard of this brand before, but the product sounds good. 🙂 The “collagen” thing in it gets me all the more interested. Hope the sample makes for a good introduction! But off late, I have started getting mixed feelings about skincare samples. I am all about trying out a product before buying the full size, but skincare samples coming in sachets are a pain. 🙁 I can’t always use up the entire product in the sachet at once, and then begins the problem. I can also hardly judge if a skincare product is doing to my skin what it’s supposed to do from a single sample. But hey I ain’t denying samples anyway! 😛

The Final Verdict :

My Envy Box July 2017 "Into The Wild"

Overall, I really like the MEB of this month. The theme is awesome and at INR 850, this is not a bad deal. The full-sized samples cost around INR 2300 and you get additional samples! My Envy Box keeps running good discounts from time to time, so if you wish to, you can grab this month’s beauty box from them. 🙂

Although I’m yet to use the Coccoon face serum, the product description sets high expectations. And so does Iraa Photoageing Cream. But I’m gonna wait and be completely sure before I start inculcating it in my skincare regime. Anatomicals is raved-about brand for bath and body, so quite excited to try out the samples. I’m having high hopes from Myoho French Green Clay Mask as well. I’m into face masks just as much, and French Green Clay is known to have amazing properties. Hopefully the coming weekend (or week if I’m not too caught up) should see me using it. 🙂 I also liked the Vert solid perfume but only wish this had a greater longevity on my skin.

My Rating : 4.5/5

Which product do you like most from this month’s MEB? Let me know in the comments below!

While On The Other Hand …

Chester Bennington leaves behind him a legacy of words and music, immortalized through generations to come. I have been listening to Linkin Park ever since high school. It is difficult to realize he won’t ever be writing again, or singing again. His absence from the world of music is unacceptable to all those that lived his songs. Like me. Chester was a common man’s rockstar, as millions across found solace in the lyrics he sung, making Linkin Park a legendary music group and a winner of hearts…

There have been numerous instances even in recent times that I plugged in my earphones to hear him crooning, as I worked on my pictures for the blog, or did chores. To be hearing the same songs now reminds how the man had laid his heart open for the world to know his struggles. His crystal clear voice, and distinct pronunciation of syllables were the best attributes of an LP song. Their songs have been an instant hit with masses, because those words were so relatable.

Chester Bennington, you’ll be forever missed. LP without you will never be the same again… 🙁


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