ENN UV-Film Tinted Sun Protection SPF 40
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Shield From the Sun with ENN UV-Film Tinted Sun Protection SPF 40: My Experience and Review

Hi people! Summers are on full-fledged in my city and there’s no respite! And I cannot emphasize enough on the use of sunscreens. If you’re going out of your house, it is so important to carry one in your bag. And for those who are staying indoors, please don’t compromise on sunscreens. At least you have access to one in your vanity while at home, so make good use of it. Else all your skincare attempts are going to go in vain.

With my recent desire to use products with no nasties, I’ve been coming across several wonderful Indie brands. One such discovery is ENN. Their all-black packaging actually gives me “LUSH”-like feels, the reason I picked up quite a few of their products. And you know my love for LUSH (already reviewd LUSH Herbalism and LUSH Sleepy). One of the products I picked up was their tinted sunscreen with SPF 40. I’ve been using it religiously over the past 4 months, a decent time to test out a product.

ENN UV-Film Tinted Sun Protection SPF 40
ENN UV-Film Tinted Sun Protection
ENN UV-Film Tinted Sun Protection SPF 40

About the Product:

Enn’s UV Film Tinted Sun Protection is a high protecting and nourishing facial sunscreen made of natural ingredients like avocado oil, wheat germ oil. It embraces a fresh & non-greasy mineral based sun protection formula that gets absorbed swiftly into skin. Brimming with the natural goodness of SPF 40, it protects the skin against UVA and UVB harmful rays of the sun. This sheer sunscreen is lightly tinted to bring out the natural color of the skin and look flawless even without any makeup. Infused with antioxidants like vitamin E, Aloe Vera extract and peach essential oil that helps to repair deep skin sun damage & reduce fine lines and leaves the skin freshly scented. The non-comedogenic formula does not clog the pores and is also suitable for sensitive skin. Loaded with the goodness of pomegranate essential oil that helps to fight the free radicals leaving the skin soft, smooth and sun protected. Say goodbye to skin discoloration, sun burns and dark spots with the all-natural tinted sunscreen. We gotcha covered!


  • An all natural UV film tinted sun protection cream
  • Sheer coverage but lightly tinted to bring out the natural color of the skin
  • Contains SPF 40; protects against UVA and UVB rays
  • Repairs deep skin sun damage and helps in reducing fine lines
  • Fights free radicals, leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth
  • Features a fresh and non-greasy mineral based formula
  • Non-comedogenic formula does not clog the pores
  • Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin


Distilled Water, Aloe Vera Gel, Glycerin, Avocado Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, E-Wax, Cetyl Alcohol, Xantham Gum, Citric Acid, Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, Yellow Oxide, Red Oxide, Tocopherol Vitamin-E, Aloe Vera Extract, Pomegranate Extract, and Peach Essential Oil.

ENN UV-Film Tinted Sun Protection SPF 40: Details (more below)
ENN UV-Film Tinted Sun Protection SPF 40

Price: INR 920 for 30ml. Available on Nykaa and ENN website.

My Experience with ENN UV-Film Tinted Sun Protection SPF 40:

The packaging of this sunscreen is simply superb. Somehow all their products remind me of LUSH. The 30ml bottle looks premium and chic. The base and cap are in matte black finish and the container is transparent with ENN’s black label. You can see the tinted sunscreen from outside. The bottle itself is extremely lightweight, and the lid closes with a click most perfectly – making it amazingly travel-friendly. Moreover the pump dispenser is just as convenient as ever, a 10/5 for the packaging!

ENN UV-Film Tinted Sun Protection SPF 40
ENN UV-Film Tinted Sun Protection SPF 40
ENN UV-Film Tinted Sun Protection SPF 40

The consistency of the product is creamy yet lightweight. It has quite a noticeable fragrance, but it actually dissipates in a while after application. The ENN UV-Film Tinted Sun Protection SPF 40 absorbs in the skin super fast, and deeply hydrates. The best part, it does not leave behind any tacky or sticky after-feel. That’s why it can be used by all skin types throughout the year round. What more, this product actually gives such a dewy, healthy finish to the skin! Additionally with the high sun protection factor, it is great for tropical weathers.

As for the tinted aspect, it actually settles to a very sheer finish. It has no coverage like a makeup product, and does not leave any white cast. However I have noticed it helps blur very very fine lines, giving a smoother appearance to the skin. It does not clog pores, hence a perfect fit for my acne-prone skin. I have some really large pores to consider and keep clean, so non-comedogenic products are saviors!

However, the product is a bit pricey for the quantity. But again, I need only a small quantity of this, so it will last me at least 6 months, or even more.

ENN UV-Film Tinted Sun Protection SPF 40 Swatched
ENN UV-Film Tinted Sun Protection SPF 40 Swatched
blended on skin
Blended on skin

A little on the ingredients:

An impressive ingredient in this product is pomegranate oil.  Not only is it hydrating and has antibacterial properties, but also addition of pomegranate oil in any sunscreen enhances efficacy of its UV protection by almost 20%!

It is a physical sunscreen so it deflects harmful radiations of the sun by sitting on top of your skin. This has zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, and hence a mineral sunscreen.

Citric acid helps regenerate new cells and avocado oil is a source of Vitamin E, and is also a fabulous nourishing ingredient.

The ENN UV-Film Tinted Sun Protection also has peach essential oil, which is a great moisturizing agent and amazing for sensitive skin. No wonder why this product worked out for me!

ENN UV-Film Tinted Sun Protection SPF 40: About & Ingredients
ENN UV-Film Tinted Sun Protection SPF 40: About & Ingredients
ENN UV-Film Tinted Sun Protection SPF 40: About & Ingredients

The Final Verdict:

ENN UV-Film Tinted Sun Protection SPF 40 is a wonderful sunscreen for any skin type. However you just need to be sure you are not allergic to any of its ingredients. I’d say don’t have high expectations from the tint in the product, because it only helps to plump up a few very fine lines, and even out skin tone to some extent. I love the fact that it finishes sheer on the skin and does not leave any white cast. Moreover, I also love how hydrating it is on the skin and that it does not clog pores. The dewy finish particularly, was a surprise factor! Not to mention the packaging is one of the best in the market: compact, convenient, classy and travel-friendly. Totally recommend you to get this sunscreen!

My Rating: 4.75/5

P.S.: all pictures are taken with Google Pixel 2.

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  • Amrit kaur

    I agree the packaging looks near to lush. But great to know that it blurs out fine lines as i have open pores so it would help to blur them for every day look.

  • Khushboo

    It looks like amazing product. I love the packaging. I might give this a try sometime. Thanks for the review

  • Prerna Sinha

    In summer our skin really needs sunscreen or else it will get damaged. And the product looks amazing and effective as it has spf 40. I really liked the packaging

  • Papri Ganguly

    This cream has so many skin loving ingredients. Love the fact that it has a high spf sun protection. Will definitely try it out this tinted cream.

  • Deepa Shri Rajan

    It’s a very good rating and am happy seeing such an amazing product. Seems like a must have for me right Now. It’s scorching heat here. And will help to be in my travel kit too

  • Diva

    The packaching looks great and I dont know why nowadays sun protections come like in foundation shades! Any idea?
    Because only sunprotection doesnt work Nd compact or bb creme is needed later.

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