What helped me to treat dry patches on skin
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Dry, Rough Patches on Skin? This is how I Treated them…

Hi people! Winters have finally made up their mind to bid adieu, and I am relieved. I know I know, so many of you love winters, but I’m more of a tropical person. 😀 Nevertheless winter has its pros – lush fresh veggies – I love them. But the winter this time has been harsh on my skin. I got dry patches on my arms, that felt rough and bumpy to touch, near shoulders and I was in a state of shock, having incurred them the first time ever. Living in a warm, humid climate almost made me so-not-used-to so much dryness. This time however, it was testing. 😐

I did some research to identify the causes behind my skin conditions. I needed to find them because I needed to combat the dry patches at the earliest possible, as they were getting uncomfortable day by day.

Following could have been the reasons behind the rough, patchy dryness (any or all could apply) :
  • Taking hot showers frequently
  • Pores getting clogged from silicones in moisturizers
  • Dehydration
  • Constant friction of skin with woolens

What I did to eliminate:
  1. Now I can’t imagine bathing with cold water in winters, so eliminating warm bath was out of question. But I sure did make sure that the temperature of the water wasn’t too hot.
  2. I’m also not a fervent water-drinker. I wish I were. But the dry, rough patches scared me out of my wits, so I really concentrated on keeping body hydrated from within.
  3. I started taking care of my body skin vehemently. Sketched out a routine and started following it religiously. Most of the products that I used in my regime, are from few of my favorite and trusted brands.

A good Body Scrub:

Why you need a scrub-

The instinctive reaction to any bumpiness on skin is exfoliating. Almost like scrubbing it off. Sometimes however, it is not recommended as it may worsen the situation. But I couldn’t fight this urge of taking a chance to buff off the dead skin cells. However I ensured that the scrub I used was gentle, and won’t further dry my troubled skin. What better option than the Aroma Essentials Chocolate and Milk Scrub? 😀

Aroma Essential Milk and Chocolate Scrub
Aroma Essential Milk and Chocolate Scrub
Aroma Essential Milk and Chocolate Scrub
Love the clean layout, and honest information

The reason this scrub is perfect in a situation like this is because it has NO chemicals at all, secondly it moisturizes just as well as it scrubs! You can read my complete review of it here. From the very first use on the troubled area, it started showing results. The areas felt smoother and less flaky and bumpy. I was high on hopes now you see.

A Mild, Herbal Soap:

Why the soap?

Because if you’re scrubbing every day, you’re worsening it. So I needed a soap to fill in for the days I wouldn’t use the scrub. I chose a really mild soap from Herb and Veda, the Mixed Fruit variant, which turned out to be unexpectedly good. No shower gels or soaps with SLS, but all I needed was a mild, herbal soap that would cleanse without stripping off the last ounce of moisture from my skin. And this soap perfectly fit the bill. 🙂

You can buy the soap from here at Nykaa, and give it a try.

A Body Oil:

While I could have resorted to any other oil in the market, I chose the Kama Ayurveda Jwalini Retexturising Skin Treatment. The name “retexturising” sounded assuring to me, and I was exactly dealing with rough textures on my skin here. No matter how small an area they occupied on my body, they certainly preoccupied my mind.

Kama Ayurveda Jwalini Retexturising Skin Treatment
Kama Ayurveda Jwalini Retexturising Skin Treatment

Why the Oil –

And why not? I religiously use oils particularly in the drier months, for the extra shot of moisture that the skin lacks at that time. And post exfoliation, I couldn’t give it a skip. This again is a fully organic product with no harmful chemicals, so I could apply it without any fear of clogging. This 2nd step further added to the excellent work performed by the scrub. This oil is non-sticky, and absorbs quick in the epidermis, without feeling greasy. I might as well do a detailed review on this soon.

That said, you can also use any cold pressed oil, like those of sesame, almond or even coconut. They will work just as well.

A Body Moisturizer:

To top off all the goodness I had already fed my skin with, a good, heavyweight body moisturizer was an absolute must. This helps lock in the moisture, and acts as a barrier between external factors and the skin. But again, for my skin condition, I could not choose just any other moisturizer available out there. I opted for the ones with less or no percentage of chemicals, particularly silicones. Silicones may make the skin smooth and supple, but they tend to block the pores on the skin causing bumps and uneven texture.

What helped me to treat dry patches on skin
Products I used post bath to work on the dry, patchy skin.

The ones I used and highly recommend are:

  1. Aroma Essentials Rose Body Butter – an insanely hydrating formula, protecting and enhancing the skin’s moisture barrier. Instantly absorbs, calming and soothing troubled skin.
  2. The Body Shop Rose Body Butter – this is one of TBS’s silicone-free body butter formulas, and feels so lightweight on the skin. But of course it moisturizes amazingly well!
  3. Humblebee Luxury Orange Body Butter – with its thick, soufflé-like texture that melt on contact with the skin, this product worked nicely as a spot treatment. I would scoop out some of the product, and apply on the rough patches directly.
Aroma Essentials Rose Body Butter
Aroma Essentials Rose Body Butter
Aroma Essentials Rose Body Butter
Love the formulation of this body butter…
Humble Bee Luxury Orange Body Butter
Humble Bee Luxury Orange Body Butter

While using the body moisturizers, I made sure to concentrate well on the rough patches of my skin, and repeated the moisturizing step twice a day. Sometimes I slathered on a layer of both 1&2, using the TBS one on top of the AE one. Those were the days when my skin could make use of some more moisture, some more hydration, thanks to the immensely drying weather outside.

The Final Results!

I stuck to this skin care routine until the rough patches sobered by 90%, which took around 15 days. Generally the winters in my city permit me to use any body oil or moisturizer of my choice, but this season my skin conditions made me stick to products that were void from SLS or silicones, and I’m glad to see that this regime worked. Finally I’m done with any rough texture on my skin, and glad that the weather has started warming up! Cheers!

I'm Reetuparna.. I love to write, and that's why I do.. I love experimenting with colors and beauty products and it feels good to share my views with you.. Hope to keep you posted on the many important and myriad things that's life.. Let me know if you enjoy my blog!


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