Deyga Orange and Almond Face Pack Review: Remove that Tan!

Hello people! Hope you all had a fantastic festive season although I’ll agree this year was very different. But let’s keep hopes alive in our hearts while we carry on with life. How many of you like a physical exfoliation every once in a while? I, for one, like to exfoliate my skin with really gentle physical scrubs once-twice a week. The Deyga Orange and Almond Face Pack is an example of a face scrub-in-mask which is apt to be used 1-2 times a week. I have had at least 6 uses of it now to be able to form an opinion on it.

Deyga Orange and Almond Face Mask
Deyga Orange and Almond Face Mask

My Experience with Deyga Orange and Almond Face Pack:

Packaging is something Deyga does really well and thoughtfully. The 200ml glass jar that houses the face mask is huge and the jar itself comes in a cardboard cylindrical container. Overall the packaging idea is great particularly if you are looking for gifting it. The key ingredients include almond, orange and turmeric, the mask has a pleasant fragrance which makes the keep-time quite enjoyable.

The Deyga Orange and Almond Face Mask can be mixed with your favorite hydrosol, or milk or just plain water. I love using it with plain water so as to experience the product at its best. Dry skin people can try it with milk.

The mask has a granular texture when dry, but turns mushy on mixing with the medium. The application can be a little tricky as I faced chunk fallouts the first couple times. The key is to not let the mask mix stand for longer than 2 minutes, preferably an immediate application. I take some time off and lie down to prevent the fallouts as the mask begins to work on the skin and get dry. It has actually turned out to be a relaxing beauty ritual for me because I thoroughly enjoy those few minutes of bliss.

Deyga Orange and Almond Face MaskDeyga Orange and Almond Face Mask
Deyga Orange and Almond Face Mask
Texture of Deyga Orange and Almond Face Mask
Deyga Orange and Almond Face Mask
Deyga Orange and Almond Face Mask mixed in medium (water)

I do not let the mask dry on my skin completely, it’s a rule I follow with every mask. To wash off, I wet my fingers and gently scrub off the mask remains from my face. Be sure to follow a gentle circular motion to remove the mask. I’m glad but the particles do not feel abrasive and washes off well. But please be mindful of the pressure you put with your fingers; a little absent-mindedness with any form of exfoliation can cause redness and irritation. So always exercise caution. The mask can be a little messy however most organic scrubs, masks and powder cleansers have this drill. So I am quite used to it; the ultimate satisfaction is in knowing a that whatever is washed down my drain is biodegradable and will not harm the ecosystem.

The Deyga Orange & Almond Face Mask is suitable for use throughout the year because it does not dry out the skin at all. So it is a good option for most skin types unless you have a particularly sensitive skin that cannot tolerate physical exfoliation.

The Results:

The mask aims to remove sun tan and it does its job well. The results were good and skin felt smooth (as expected after a physical rub). The mask also helps to clear up congested pores in conjunction with a disciplined skincare routine (how clear your pores are depends a lot on your entire skincare regime and how religiously you follow the same; putting it all on a product isn’t really fair or just). I love how fresh and rejuvenated my skin feels after using this. I use it as a body mask on my arms and neck as well because of two reasons:

  • It removes tan well (the key ingredients are meant to do so: Orange is rich in Vitamin C, and turmeric is a brightening agent).
  • The quantity is huge and will easily last you a long time. I do not want to reach the expiry date of the product without having finished it, so using it in multiple ways is a good idea. (Also I really like products that serve diverse uses!)
Deyga Orange and Almond Face Mask
Deyga Orange and Almond Face Mask
Deyga Orange and Almond Face Mask

One thing which I would expect from the brand however is a complete listing of the ingredients on the website and/or on the package labeling, including the essential oils. It only makes for an easy decision-making on the part of consumers. [In case you didn’t know, Deyga’s website is really neat and well laid-out, making it easy to navigate and shop. I have also talked some more on this and Deyga’s Chocolate Bath Bar (which looks like an actual bar of chocolate if you see it) in a previous post. Read it from here.]

The Final Verdict:

The Deyga Orange and Almond Face Mask is a good anti-tan masking option in the market. The exfoliating granules are noticeable but turn mushy on mixing with water. The quantity of the mask is huge and it works equally well as a body mask too. It helps remove tan revealing a healthier complexion, clear up pores, and leaves skin supple. However I would really love to see a complete ingredient list on the label or website. Overall if you enjoy physical exfoliation once in a while and looking for removal of sun-tan, the Deyga Orange and Almond Face Mask is a good pick!

My Rating: 3.75/5

Deyga Orange and Almond Face Mask
Deyga Orange and Almond Face Mask

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