Deyga Chocolate Bath Bar Review: A Slice of Chocolate in the Bath

Hello my dear people! Tell me honestly what came to your mind first when you saw the picture at the top of this post? To be honest, when I looked at the Deyga Chocolate Bath Bar for the first time, it actually looked like a true blue chocolate bar to me. 🙂 Read on to know more about my experience with this delectable-looking bath bar.

Deyga does a wide range of handmade soaps with catering to different skin types and concerns. They have soaps with key ingredients of spinach & cucumber, neem & turmeric, chocolate, as well as shea & saffron, pink clay, and charcoal. You’ll be spoilt for choice when you visit their website. Also I personally find their website to be very neat and well-laid, easy to navigate with user-friendly interface. A crisp and neat website always makes shopping a breezy and enjoyable affair. Check their collection here: .

Deyga Chocolate Bath Bar
Deyga Chocolate Bath Bar comes in a cotton pouch with drawstrings!

My Experience with Deyga Chocolate Bath Bar:

The main ingredient is cocoa powder, along with nourishing components like shea butter, oils of olive, castor, sunflower and extra virgin coconut oil. Undoubtedly the soap is quite gentle on the skin. It is devoid of artificially synthesized harsh surfactants, so the lather is lesser compared to commercial soaps. However it does form a gentle lather when wet and applied on wet skin. It is easy to wash off, and does not leave any residue on the skin thus leaving it clean, fresh and supple.

The best part is that the Deyga Chocolate bath bar is not harsh on the skin and does not strip off natural oils. However that is no reason to skip your regular pre-bath oils or post-bath moisturizers. It is always a best practice to keep skin nourished post cleansing. I have a normal body skin which tends towards drier from fall and throughout winters. This soap does not make my skin feel overly drying, and any light body moisturizer is all I need post bath with this. The chocolate bath bar is effective in washing off sweat, grime and pre-bath oils from skin. And all of this it does quite gently.

Deyga Chocolate Bath Bar
Deyga Chocolate Bath Bar
Deyga Chocolate Bath Bar
The chocolate bath bar forms a gentle lather…

Coming to fragrance, I consider it the first reality check from the assumption of an edible choco delicacy. It feels mostly unscented, because it does not have essential oils. There is however a faint warm aroma of cocoa, which won’t linger on the skin post bath. This means it will never interfere with your regular perfumes and fragrant body moisturizers!

Cocoa is a powerhouse of antioxidants, and also contains vitamins and flavonoids. All of these make chocolate an excellent ingredient for skin: it helps protect skin from environmental aggressors and soften it, increase elasticity as well as add a subtle glow that’s symbolic of a healthy skin. The Deyga bath bar, with its amalgamation of nourishing and protecting ingredients, makes for an indulgent skin treat. What I really love about it is how gentle and soothing it is! It also helps relieve irritations, calms it down, without aggravating inflammations. It is free from SLS, phthalates, and mineral oils, handmade purely with love and fresh ingredients.

The brand does not claim high, nor does it tell you to apply it on the face. I am a little skeptical of using soaps on face, unless of course I’m stranded alone in a forest without my skincare essentials and with just a soap bar. I’ll admit though I did try using it for my face once, just to be able to tell you my experience with it. So I rubbed the soap between my palms and applied the fine foam on my wet face. To my relief, my face skin did not feel parched post wash-off! 🙂 Although I will never recommend any soap for face, and always suggest you to exercise caution with using soaps on face, given you do not want to disturb the pH and consequently the microbiome of your delicate face skin. However, the Deyga Chocolate Bath Bar is an excellent option for all body skin types, even for sensitive ones!

Deyga Chocolate Bath Bar
Deyga Chocolate Bath Bar

The Final Verdict:

I had a fabulous experience with the Deyga Chocolate Bath Bar, and would totally recommend this. Not only is it a good idea for some self-love, but also a great gifting option for friends and family! Particularly because of the neat cotton pouch in which it comes packed. It does definitely look like a generous piece of chocolate, which you’d enjoy gifting as well. Additionally it is gentle and free of SLS and phthalates.

To speak the truth, once you enter the world of Indian handmade soaps, it is hard to escape their fascination. Soaps like this are so very addictive. You’ll probably not want to switch back to shower gels. This particular bath bar from Deyga is hefty and lasts a real long time. For INR 350, it is a good deal definitely, particularly when winter is just around the corner. 🙂

My Rating : 5/5

Deyga Chocolate Bath Bar
Deyga Chocolate Bath Bar

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