Celebrating the Power Within : Happy Women’s Day!

Hi everybody! Today, March 8 is celebrated all across the globe as International Women’s Day. And we women feel special for some uncanny reason, although inside we know this day is only just an acceptance of any other day of our lives. But still, we feel glad when someone recognizes the fact and puts the effort to wish us a “Happy Women’s Day!” 🙂

I have always believed and advocated the fact that women can do anything, yes just anything. I still believe all of you women out there, you are amazing and beautiful. You may be doctors, techies, homemakers, entrepreneurs, authors, bloggers ( 🙂 ), scholars, cashiers, consultants and what not! But you are magnificent the way you are. You beautify the world. 

Happy Women’s Day to all of you. 🙂

Not all of you are stars, you may still be struggling on the path to success. You may be worn out inside, but you still hope to live, you still dream on. So you are a constellation within yourself. 🙂 At one point of time, you may have even felt the burden of life throw you off balance, but you persevered. You stayed. You stood up. That’s woman power. My heart goes out to all of you. Some of you might have found an anchor to help you through rough seas. The anchor may be physical, or even abstract.

Now when I talk about the anchor being physical, I imply your mother, your sibling or even your husband. And just as much as I love and acknowledge woman power, I cannot ignore the wonderful men who do so as well. Those who have stood by their better halves and stood up for them. Who helped them realize their dreams. Who have been patient and underplayed their own emotions, just to be a pillar of support. All of you are amazing too. 🙂

Just like Shiva and Shakti. One for the other. One within the other. Both elements intertwine to form the ultimate source of energy that binds the world. On this day, let’s celebrate the power of Shiva and Shakti. Let’s acknowledge and bow to humanity. We all have some parts of  Shiva and some of Shakti within us. Let’s recognize ourselves and brace up. Let’s Feel beautiful. Feel in charge. Most importantly, let’s hear our hearts out and follow our passion. After all, the abstract anchor is nothing but our passion. It keeps us going. 🙂

Find your own happiness as that’s the way to your well being. Life may have shattered you but it isn’t ready to let you stop yet. So slow down and take it easy. Do what you do best. Accept mistakes and learn to forgive yourself. Listen to your inner voice and it will guide you. You have nothing to prove to anyone. You are loved and admired, and always will be. 🙂


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