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Darjeeling Diaries : the mighty and stupendous Kanchenjunga, as seen from Batasia Loop

Darjeeling Diaries : Days 3 & 4 – The Queen of the Hills, and the Mighty Kanchenjunga

Hello people! I’ll pick up right from where I left in my previous post. 🙂 We reached Darjeeling by the end of Day 2, where we had drove off from Kalimpong.

In Darjeeling too, we had pre-booked our stay. I always prefer advance booking to avoid last minute hustles. Day 2 had us touring almost the whole of Kalimpong, and a long road journey to Darjeeling, so by the end of the day, our high spirits were pretty much subdued. I couldn’t imagine rushing about in that fatigue in search of a hotel. Thank God for online hotel booking websites.

Darjeeling Diaries : the famous toy train of the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway
Darjeeling Diaries : the famous toy train of the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway

In Darjeeling too, we had opted for a homestay. Little Singamari seemed like a perfect choice. Even though it was labeled a “homestay”, the service was pretty professional. The BnB facility had a very congenial atmosphere and extremely hospitable hosts. It was about 9pm by the time we reached our abode for the next two days. Fresh and steaming dinner was awaiting us at Little Singamari, prepared with utmost love and care by our hostess, Ramila. More on this later in the post. 🙂 Read more

Darjeeling Diaries : Red Hot Poker Flowers or Torch Lilies, in the garden at Lava Monastery

Darjeeling Diaries : Days 1 & 2 – Kalimpong-Rishyap-Lava-Lolegaon-Darjeeling

Hi people! Festive season has almost started, and you must have already started planning for holidays. Scanning down the calendar, checking up on colleagues’ leave plan, looking down your travel bucket list and what not! I know for one the excitement that builds up in office and at home when this time of the year arrives. 🤩

One of the best places to travel at this time is the mountains. With the monsoons at the verge of bidding goodbye, and a mild chill setting in, you could very well plan a vacay to the Queen of Hills aka Darjeeling. I had visited it earlier this year, and shared a few snippets on my Instagram too. Thought why not to share in some details on the blog, if you’re planning a trip there, and may find the details helpful too.☺️ I will be doing a series of 2-3 posts, briefing out the highlights and experience of my trip. The very first halt was at Kalimpong.

Jacaranda House : Bed and Breakfast facility or Homestay at Kalimpong

Day 1 : Kalimpong-Rishyap-Lava-Lolegaon-Kalimpong

We had reached Kalimpong from NJP on the previous evening, and it had rained. For accommodation, we had chosen a BnB, or a homestay, whichever you prefer to call. I wanted a place away from the generic hustle-bustle, and Jacaranda House was a perfect pick. Nestled in the Delo Hills, this BnB was run by a lady, her son and nephews. More on this later on in the post.

Coming to the itinerary, we decided to pick on Rishyap, and if possible, to Lava and Lolegaon, as all these three places had closer proximity to Kalimpong than to Darjeeling. We had to start early in the morning. Needless to say, the hosts did help us a lot in arranging the transport, and guide us with the places to travel. Read more

The Habitat Shillong

Meghalaya Diaries : The Conclusion – Elephant Falls, the Capital City and Some Beautiful Memories @The Habitat…

Hi everyone! The Shillong tour draws to an end and I nevertheless couldn’t get enough. 😀 Lush greenery and caverns and water all around… who could ever have enough of it? Let me just keep the post short and let the pictures speak for themselves. 🙂

Shillong View Point
That’s the capital city Shillong… city sprawling amidst foothills… such an ethereal sight from Shillong View Point… 🙂
Shillong view point
The Shillong view point
Meghalaya Diaries : Umiam Lake
One of the many lakes brimming with rainwater… This particular one comes en-route to Guwahati
Meghalaya Diaries : Umiam Lake
Doesn’t the reflection of clouds on still water look out-of-the-world? This picture was worth the click. 🙂 (Umiam Lake en route to Guwahati…)

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Meghalaya Diaries : en route to Mawlynnong

Meghalaya Diaries – Day 2 : Mawlynnong, Living Roots Bridge & A Boat Ride at Dawki

Hey everyone! Hope you are doing good. Our Day 2 at Shillong was mostly spent at Mawlynnong, Dawki and the very famous living roots bridge. I was really looking forward to visiting Mawlynnong which is the cleanest village in Asia. And of course the living roots bridge falling in the same itinerary as Mawlynnong. 🙂

Find photos of my Day 1 trip at Cherrapunji here. 🙂

Meghalaya Diaries : en route to Mawlynnong
Took a stop en route to Mawlynnong… to experience the other-worldly beauty… (this was just a candid shot… Posing is most definitely not in my mind when I’m amidst nature :D… wearing the MAC Color Rocker Lipstick in Forbidden Sunrise 🙂 )

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Meghalaya Diaries : Cherrapunji

Meghalaya Diaries – Day 1 : Cherrapunji, Sohra, The Seven Sister Falls

Hi everyone! So I’m finally here. It’s been a long time I wrote something. However if you happen to follow my instagram handle @ambersityblog, you’ll know mostly what I’ve been up to. 😀 Having a busy time on the personal front, so really couldn’t make time to scribble. Sorry for that. However I do have a series of posts lined up for you from my trip to Shillong last week. 🙂 Hope it comes out useful to those of you looking for a vacay there.

Planning for the abode of the clouds in the prime monsoon season came with its risks. But I had decided upfront not to let it dampen my spirits. 😀 Even if it rained, I was prepared to spend my days indoors sipping on flavorful Assam tea and lazing my day out amidst mountains. 🙂 Thankfully though, the rains were merciful during our stay there. In fact the waterfalls were in full flourish that made me oh-so-happy about my decision.

Meghalaya Diaries : Cherrapunji
Breathtaking views of plush green wilderness, deep valleys, lakes & waterfalls… and living amidst clouds… 🙂

The series Meghalaya Diaries on the blog will be primarily divided into three parts. This is to not place a lot of content in a post. And make things easier for you. 🙂 Believe me when I say that I will keep my posts brief. 😛

Shillong in the foothills of the Himalayas makes for a dreamy destination. We flew down to Guwahati and booked a cab for the capital of the abode of the clouds. Thanks to MMT, we got all our tickets in time and booked our stay with The Habitat Shillong. 🙂

Day 1 : Cherrapunji – Sohra and the Seven Sister Falls

It goes without saying Cherrapunji makes for a prime sightseeing locale on your trip to Meghalaya. We came across innumerable waterfalls en route to Sohra. With innumerable steps to descend to witness the beauty of every one of them save the Seven Sister Falls, I didn’t realize when my body got tired. Each of the beauties was as enthralling as the other. 🙂

Sohra is touted to be the wettest place on earth. Everything was so cloudy there, that we were literally walking among the clouds.

Meghalaya Diaries : Cherrapunji - Sohra
Cloud soaked Sohra – be grateful if you can find your way through the white canopy. 🙂

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