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Monday Moods : The Time That Was

Monday Moods : The Time That Was

Hey everyone! Quite some time since I last posted on Monday Moods. Hope you all are having a great start to the week, and Monday has got you geared up for the rest of the days. 🙂

I was wondering the other day how most of us are often complaining about the shortage of time. I’ll confess here, I do so too. At times I fret over time-management, while on others I comfortably club all my activities within the waking hours. To me, the one of worst feelings one can have in a lifetime is that of regret. Mostly we repent over the decisions taken wrong, and many times the consequences of decisions lead us to spend our precious time wrong. And the bitter truth of life is, time cannot be reverted. That’s the regret we all have at some point of life or other. Time spent wisely can be a source of happiness and contentment, while the time whiled away can only breed remorse in future…

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to celebrate your family – your parents, spouse and children. They are the ones who we spend most of our lives with, and there’s where the risk lies. The risk where we unknowingly take them for granted. The risk of a future regret. Usually when we seek relaxation after a tired day, we immerse ourselves in our smart devices, in the highly illusive digital world. It is addictive and alluring, and we often overlook the charm of sitting down with our family and have a wholehearted talk. Till date, my fondest memories are of those summer evenings when our family would sit together and laugh and talk, oblivious of the hours that passed. Well I have penned down a poem on the magnificence of time. Hope you enjoy it! 🙂

Monday Moods : The Time That Was
Monday Moods : The Time That Was

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All Things Bright and Green

Monday Moods : All Things Bright And Green

With every step she took,

The wilderness welcomed her in,

Brown soils beneath slipped away

As birds chirped at a distance,

Ripples of a young river rhymed on

As the mountains echoed her footsteps,

And the dawn peeked through…

On she moved as if in a trance,

Intoxicated by lush smell of the woods,

She wanted to be here all her life,

And today inadvertently she knew

There was no stopping her till she had it all,

And she’d walk on and on

And on, till she bled green…


Hi everyone! The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of the color green, is the opulence of nature that exhibits itself in so many forms of the shade. To me, green is safe and green is fresh. It has shades from subtle to vivid. It is cozy and it is startling. Why I decided to do an entire post on “green” today is because I have always found solace in this color, right from childhood. 🙂 Read more

women's day

Celebrating the Power Within : Happy Women’s Day!

Hi everybody! Today, March 8 is celebrated all across the globe as International Women’s Day. And we women feel special for some uncanny reason, although inside we know this day is only just an acceptance of any other day of our lives. But still, we feel glad when someone recognizes the fact and puts the effort to wish us a “Happy Women’s Day!” 🙂

I have always believed and advocated the fact that women can do anything, yes just anything. I still believe all of you women out there, you are amazing and beautiful. You may be doctors, techies, homemakers, entrepreneurs, authors, bloggers ( 🙂 ), scholars, cashiers, consultants and what not! But you are magnificent the way you are. You beautify the world.  Read more

Monday Moods - Gesture

Monday Moods : A Little Good Gesture

Hello beautiful people! Another Monday and most of us might be wondering how the weekend flew by so soon. 🙂 Nevertheless we have reached the end of the day like every other seemingly impossible Monday. On my way back from work today, a very small and rather mundane incident made me ponder on a spontaneous trail of thoughts.

This is what happened :

The wider roads in my city are divided in bylanes to get a better control on traffic. I was stuck in one of them for a long time while the other bylanes had cars speeding by. That’s when I steered my car to get onto the next lane because that was almost empty with no nearby cars. It is a common occurence and I’m sure I have encountered similar incidents innumerable times before. There was this SUV that was coming by in the lane I was trying my car to get into. I generally prefer avoiding getting into clashes, so I halted till the SUV passed by. But to my surprise the SUV gave a halt and made way for my car to take the lead. Read more


Monday Moods : Pasta Servings in Red and White Sauce

Hi everybody! Today I thought to share something different with you. So many of us actually suffer from Monday morning blues. Even I do. At times. So there was something I needed to perk up my spirits today evening. I went up to the kitchen and after a bit of mind-search, cooked some pasta for snacking. Sometimes food does help in uplifting mood now doesn’t it? 😉

The pasta I cook is not an authentic Italian recipe nor is it very Indian, rather a mashup of both worlds. 🙂 The result thankfully, is quite appealing to the taste buds. However I wasn’t even thinking of putting this up on my blog when cooking so didn’t click step-by-step pictures either. All I have is the end result. 🙂 But I’ll be sharing my recipe in a condensed manner in this post.

Pasta in red and white sauce
Pasta in red and white sauce

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