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Where Fate Defies The Survival Theory : Nolan’s Dunkirk is More than Just A War Movie – A Story Told Well

Hey everyone! So Dunkirk’s the word. Christopher Nolan’s movies are awaited, and are awaited big time. I’m one of the many who swear by his movies. So when Dunkirk hit the theaters, I knew I had to be there. 🙂 So off I went last evening notwithstanding the exhaustion of an eventful working day.

And let me tell you, the movie touched my heart. Nolan is the cinematic wizard who makes pure beauty. His vision has clarity that sees you through. The way he captures the raw emotions of countless soldiers trapped in enemy territory is a masterpiece in itself. Nolan’s Dunkirk is reality glaring at your face.

The story revolves around the evacuation of 400000 men trapped in Dunkirk during World War 2. It tells how these men hope with all their might to return home safe amidst incessant bombarding by the German airforce. It talks about their plight, their hopes, and their struggle with fate to stay alive. Here is where you realize Darwin’s theory doesn’t hold good. Because it’s not the survival of the fittest, rather the luckiest.


I do not have the demeanor to judge critical aspects of the movie. I can only express my amazement at how deftly Nolan weaved a story out of human emotions. The desperation of thousands of trapped soldiers craving to reach “home”.  The rat-race that each of them get involved in looking for evacuation. Crude sentiments. So humane that you could relate to. The ones that went for evacuation risking their lives in the water, or the ones that shot down Luftwaffes in the air so that their brethren could be set free. Every emotion carved out beautifully forms the heart of Dunkirk.

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