• Monday Moods : Why You Should Spend Some Time With Yourself - The Essence of Me-Time
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    Monday Moods : Why You Should Spend Some Time With Yourself – The Essence of Me-Time

    Have you ever wondered At the bliss of solitude? To be speaking to your own mind, And listening to your soul? When the city sleeps, And downpour drenches the concrete, I knock my heart awake And hear its words through the beat… As bewitching as the wonders of the world, Is the moment when my own bond, The heart, mind and soul – Entwined together in a connection so electric, That pierces my very being – Unfolding desires from deep within, And transpiring a moment of truth, As a profound experience burns through… Hi everyone! Hope you’re doing good on a Monday. It’s quite some time that I posted something…

  • The Power of Apology
    Monday Moods,  My Musings

    Monday Moods : The Power Of Apology

    Hi everyone! Hope you had a good start to the week. 🙂 I have been pondering for a while on the three magic words that school taught us back in childhood – Please, Thank you and Sorry. These were what we practiced all our childhood, or you can say, until we faced the real world. To me, this was more or less like a value-system imbibed deep in me. If we could delve deeper, we would realize these are not mere words. These are pretty powerful ways of communication – powerful not in a dominant way, but rather reflection of decency and politeness. While it holds true that we seldom…

  • Monday Moods : The Time That Was
    Monday Moods,  My Musings

    Monday Moods : The Time That Was

    Hey everyone! Quite some time since I last posted on Monday Moods. Hope you all are having a great start to the week, and Monday has got you geared up for the rest of the days. 🙂 I was wondering the other day how most of us are often complaining about the shortage of time. I’ll confess here, I do so too. At times I fret over time-management, while on others I comfortably club all my activities within the waking hours. To me, the one of worst feelings one can have in a lifetime is that of regret. Mostly we repent over the decisions taken wrong, and many times the consequences…

  • All Things Bright and Green
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    Monday Moods : All Things Bright And Green

    With every step she took, The wilderness welcomed her in, Brown soils beneath slipped away As birds chirped at a distance, Ripples of a young river rhymed on As the mountains echoed her footsteps, And the dawn peeked through… On she moved as if in a trance, Intoxicated by lush smell of the woods, She wanted to be here all her life, And today inadvertently she knew There was no stopping her till she had it all, And she’d walk on and on And on, till she bled green…   Hi everyone! The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of the color green, is the opulence…

  • Monday Moods - Gesture
    Monday Moods,  My Musings

    Monday Moods : A Little Good Gesture

    Hello beautiful people! Another Monday and most of us might be wondering how the weekend flew by so soon. 🙂 Nevertheless we have reached the end of the day like every other seemingly impossible Monday. On my way back from work today, a very small and rather mundane incident made me ponder on a spontaneous trail of thoughts. This is what happened : The wider roads in my city are divided in bylanes to get a better control on traffic. I was stuck in one of them for a long time while the other bylanes had cars speeding by. That’s when I steered my car to get onto the next…