• The Body Shop Life Is... Body Mist
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    The Body Shop Life Is… Body Mist – Review

    Life is… Facing the unexpected, Yet braving the storm, Refusing to go down And willing to go on… Life is… Learning to know yourself, Fighting your own devils, To sculpt out your inner strength, From all grave perils. Life is… Laughter of innocence, And family and friends, Feeling of bliss and fortitude, Amidst menaces multitude. Life is… Loving a lot and getting lost, Blessed on a greener earth, Glory of whose seeps through the veins, Resplendent till we breathe our last… Hello everyone! I couldn’t help but write some scratchpad poetry when I heard the name of The Body Shop’s line of fragrance, Life Is. 🙂 Well now when I…

  • The Body Shop Glazed Apple Shimmer Mist
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    The Body Shop Glazed Apple Shimmer Mist – Review

    Hi everyone! I’m going to do another TBS post today. I so adore their products. 😀 I happened to buy this TBS Glazed Apple Shimmer Mist quite whimsically the other day I was visiting the city mall. There was purely no reason, I admit. This looked so beautiful and smelled so good that I just had to get this. 🙂 Product Description : Sparkle and smell delicious with a glittering indulgence from our seasonal bath and body range. Our Glazed Apple Shimmer Mist gives your skin a touch of iridescence and scented with a refined fresh fruity scent. It contains apple seed oil from the Italian Alps, and Community Fair Trade…