Aroma Essentials Rose Body Butter
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Aroma Essentials Rose Body Butter : Pure Nourishing Goodness for the Skin – My Experience and Review

Hi everyone! Did you start your year with a bang? Or are you still reminiscing in the glories of 2017? Whatever it is, winters are here to rule still a few weeks and I’m basking in my stash of body moisturizers. 😛

I’m a huge…umm…die-hard? Fan of body butters, and nothing delights me more than a handcrafted one. And the one with an amazing fragrance (it takes a good deal to convince a TBS body butter fanatic on the fragrance part). And of course it should relieve my skin of all its dryness, and make it plump and soft. A product that does all of these? The Aroma Essentials Rose Body Butter. Goodness, I love it so much.

Aroma Essentials Rose Body Butter

Aroma Essentials Rose Body Butter

So one dull winter morning (hell who says winter mornings are not dull? I hate waking up from that winter slumber and face a sleepy world. Winters are for slumbers and bonfires, and not for work. :P), I get this wonderful package from Aroma Essentials that brightens up my day like the highest point of brightness in your cellphone. And in it comes this body butter. I open it up and can’t move my eyes from it. Or rather nose. Or maybe I was just plain captivated!

My Experience with the Product :

The packaging is simple and convenient, a tub with a screw lid, a label with the detailed ingredient list. Basic and all you could ask for. Yes many of us have this issue with the tub packaging, but I can’t imagine applying body butter with anything other than my fingers. So packaging is perfectly fine with me. I find it sturdy enough to even carry around in my travel bag.

Aroma Essentials Rose Body Butter
Aroma Essentials Rose Body Butter

I will first talk about the fragrance today. Because the fragrance is nothing like I had experienced before in body moisturizers. It is unpredictable. It has a warm, nutty aroma along with the faint sweet smell of Indian roses, which I surprisingly enjoy! There’s that goodness of purity mixed with hints of every single constituent in the body butter.  I’m very picky when it comes to rose fragrances, but the Aroma Essentials Rose Body Butter smells wonderfully good. A full 5/5 for the fragrance. 🙂

The basic ingredient for the body butter is cocoashea, kokum and mango butters. So you can already imagine how rich and nourishing this is. With cocoa and shea in it, now you know why there is that warm, nutty fragrance in the body butter. 🙂 On the rose part, this body butter has hydrosols derived from rose, as well as rose essential oil and ittar. The subtle pink color of the body butter can be well attributed to the hydrosols present in it.

Aroma Essentials Rose Body Butter - Ingredients
Aroma Essentials Rose Body Butter – Ingredients
A breakdown of ingredients :

Cocoa Butter – Highly emollient and rich. Excellent for dry or sensitive skin.

Kokum Butter – Again a natural emollient, has a lightweight texture yet highly moisturizing.

Shea Butter – A very common ingredient across body butters, this needs no introduction. It is not only nourishing, but bears healing properties as well.

Mango Butter – This is perhaps the most lightweight among all the butters used in the product. Quite nourishing nevertheless.

Hydrosols – In case you’re not aware of this term, hydrosols are derived by distillation of flowers and leaves. In this case, of the rose plant and its parts.

Rose E.O. – Rose has innumerable benefits for health. It not only acts as a natural toner and anti-oxidant, its fragrance also soothes the mind and relaxes the senses.

Aroma Essentials Rose Body Butter

The Aroma Essentials Rose Body Butter is an excellent, above-par moisturizer for the skin. In drier seasons, this is a boon to dehydrated and stretchy skin. The consistency is very comfortable, you can see how Madhurima strikes a perfect balance in the butters she uses for this moisturizer. It is not very greasy, and has a lightweight formula as well. I will again call this a very intelligently made product. The product spreads very easily, and is absorbed in the blink of an eye. There is 100% nourishment sans the greasiness. I use it post bath, and the moisturizing effects stay on for the next 10 hours! No I’m not even kidding you. The fragrance mows down in a few hours though, but never disappears. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy using it. And this again coming from a TBS bb worshipper. 😛

Price – INR 700 for 100g

How to order – You can whatsapp Madhu on 7706988272 for any skin consultation or product order. She’s very helpful, I’ve said before and will still say the same. 🙂

Aroma Essentials Rose Body Butter

Aroma Essentials Rose Body Butter
See how wonderfully it spreads on the skin? The rich, emollient formula is also lightweight, which I so adore about this body butter..  🙂
Aroma Essentials Rose Body Butter
And it absorbs super fast too! See no trace of greasiness on the skin, but sinks deep within the epidermis giving it a plump, nourished glow from within.

The Final Verdict :

To say I’m blown away with the Aroma Essentials Rose Body Butter would be saying less. 🙂 From the very first use, I’m in love! Such a perfect consistency, and such efficient working. It spreads like a dream on the skin, gets absorbed fast, and there is no superficial residue left behind. It won’t stain your clothes, yet keep you nourished for the longest time. 🙂 I even use it on my palms and so does my mom. She is remarkably happy with the results, because it soothed her ageing skin in no time! From the brand perspective, my wizard lady never stops innovating, and this body butter has to be one of the best examples. I highly, highly recommend this product, I, who is a self-proclaimed bath-and-body products’ addict. 😀

My Rating – 5/5

(I’m eager to give it a 10 on 5 :P)

Which is your favorite body moisturizer for the winters? Do let me know in the comments below!


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