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Hello everyone! A dear friend visited me last month and she got me a gift. 🙂 B was flying from Bangalore, and is a frequent user of a brand that I only heard from her. Well B is a juorno and she has quite a lot of knowledge about the famous people in and around her city. Mrs.Madhurima Ramakrishnan has gained a lot of popularity for her brand Aroma Essentials. It is a 100% natural skincare brand based out of Bangalore. B said that this lady primarily conjured her products with ingredients from her kitchen! And now that she knew I have began preferring organic products, she got me their Insta Clear Everyday Mask from Mrs.Ramakrishnan. Thank you B for the lovely gift! 🙂 I was delighted to know about the brand and its founder, and couldn’t wait to give it a try.

About Aroma Essentials :

Aroma Essentials is a range of skin care products that may make a useful addition to your daily skin care regimen. These include cleansers, sunscreens, moisturizers, exfoliants, facial cleansers, toners, retonoids, herbal and nutrient supplements, and cosmetics.
Natural handmade skin and hair care products.
All our products are freshly handmade in small batches using the finest natural ingredients. We do not use harsh chemicals like petroleum or mineral oil. The color and scent of our products occur naturally from our ingredients and essential oils. No artificial colors and scents are added. Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight.

Aroma Essentials doesn’t have an official website as of yet, and Madhu markets her products on the official Facebook page. This brand is new to me but I’m bowled over by the amazing range of products that she makes! The brand has an AHA mask and toner, algae mask, a sebum control gel (wow!), shea moist skin butter and what not! The product catalog on the Aroma Essentials page seems like a wonderland to me. 😀

Aroma Essentials Insta Clear Everyday Mask
Aroma Essentials Insta Clear Everyday Mask

Product Description :

It has wide range of medicinal properties that makes it the best and most reliable of home remedies for face and all types of skin conditions like anti acne, anti ageing, etc.
For the ones with oily skin, it prevents pimples and for others it cleanses the pores.
It not only adds a natural glow to the skin but also removes skin tan.

Masoor for skin

  • * They are protein rich hence give nutrients to the skin.
  • * These dal packs will also induce fairness and glow on the skin.
  • * These face packs mildly exfoliates and removes dead skin.
  • * This dal protein rich pack also removes sun tan, lighten the skin, blemishes and unwanted facial hair.

How Fenugreek for Skin Works?
* Thiamine, also known as vitamin B1 is responsible for generating energy from food. With this vitamin you can maintain healthy skin, hair and nails.

From the product description, it’s quite the product I would love during the humid seasons. 🙂 I honestly have no idea about the price since it’s a gift. 😛 And I wouldn’t ask B about it even for review’s sake. But you can anyway find everything on the official FB page, or message and ask Madhu herself. 🙂 She’s known to be very open and answers queries on a regular basis.

My Overview of the Product :

The Aroma Essentials Insta Clear Everyday Mask that B got me, comes in a decent transparent plastic jar with a white screw lid, with a label having the product specifications. It’s the kind of jar that you will come across in Indian kitchens and makes for an easy, handy use. The label also has Ms.Madhu’s number which she uses to address customer queries. Although I have only spoken with her on the Aroma Essentials page.

Aroma Essentials Insta Clear Everyday Mask
Aroma Essentials Insta Clear Everyday Mask
Aroma Essentials Insta Clear Everyday Mask
Aroma Essentials Insta Clear Everyday Mask

The product is a beige-brown color and comes in a powdered form. It has a refreshing fragrance, a mix of earthy and citrusy notes. I was only recently talking about this product in my Kama Ayurveda Pure Rosewater review. I have used it with the rosewater and with plain water, and generally dilute it in two consistencies depending on the use. When I use it all over the face and neck, I dilute it a more for easy and even spreading. Although the product description says it is an “everyday” mask, I don’t use it on an everyday basis. This is because :

  • the effect of the mask stays on for 2-3 days
  • the mask has exfoliating particles and I don’t exfoliate my face everyday.

However, there are times when I use the mask selectively on my nose and chin for a mild exfoliation. That’s when the thicker consistency of the mask helps. You can always dilute it to your preference. I have oily-combination skin and a few large pores. As a result I regularly need to clean up my T-zone in particular, to keep nasty black- and white- heads at bay.

The Aroma Essentials Insta Clear Everyday Mask is very easily mixed with water, or rosewater or even milk or curd, if you may. I use my fingers to apply it all over the face. It takes about 20 minutes to dry down comfortably. I do not wait for the mask to dry out to an extent that it starts to crack. It’s scary to me. I normally let a little moisture remain in the mask layered over the skin, wet my fingers and gently wash off in circular motions that give a mild yet good exfoliation to the skin. The exfoliating particles do not feel abrasive on the skin but you’ll feel the effectiveness whatsoever. Thereafter I follow up with generous splashes of water, pat dry and voila! The face looks fresh as ever! The mask certainly cleanses well and I can actually feel my skin breathing. 🙂

Aroma Essentials Insta Clear Everyday Mask
Aroma Essentials Insta Clear Everyday Mask
Aroma Essentials Insta Clear Everyday Mask
Aroma Essentials Insta Clear Everyday Mask

I do not have a lot of blackhead problems at the moment, and this mask has certainly helped in keeping my skin healthy. It feels so cool on the skin while I have it on, as it absorbs the heat and grease from the skin. The fragrance is also very organic, and I totally love the way it energizes my senses. 🙂 I love the fact that it looks and feels so DIY but gives results like high-end commercial facial masks. This mask is so efficient in itself, that you cannot tell the difference between its efficacy when used with water or when used with rosewater. I haven’t tried with milk or curd though, because I didn’t feel the need! Spritzing my face with the Kama Ayurveda Pure Rosewater further relaxes and tones the skin. 🙂

I have also used it on my arm once, and this mask did help to de-tan to an extent. But I will still prefer the Aroma Essentials Insta Clear Everyday Mask only for the face and neck. Since this mask is without added preservatives, so it has a shelf life of 6 months, just like Juicy Chemistry products (still loving its lip scrub reviewed here 🙂 ).

Aroma Essentials Insta Clear Everyday Mask
Aroma Essentials Insta Clear Everyday Mask : Swatches (a thicker consistency swatch on top, a more runny one below)

The Final Verdict :

The Aroma Essentials Insta Clear Everyday Mask delivers impressive results. The packaging is very basic, but everything about the mask is superb. I like its tangy-earthy fragrance and the ease of use. The results are amazing and it imparts a radiant glow to my face, while effectively cleansing my pores. With regular use one is sure to experience a sustainable improvement in the skin tone and texture, and a considerable reduction in blemishes. I love how this product is so intelligently hand crafted with all natural ingredients. Madhu sure is doing a great job! This mask is sure a bliss for my oily-combination skin in the extremely humid summers of my city. 🙂

My Rating : 4.5/5

Have you used any product from Aroma Essentials? What’s your take on it? Drop me comments below! 🙂


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