Aroma Essentials Chocolate and Milk Scrub is all about Pure Chocolate Indulgence…

Hi people! First of all, a very big sorry to all you lovely readers for not posting anything since long. I had a lot going on at the personal end, and work pressure at office peaked. Could catch up with hardly six hours of sleep at night. Some days, even less. I wasn’t looking and feeling the best over the past few weeks and blogging took a backseat. And I hated it.

I was dying to write. Dying. Not a day went by when I didn’t look forward to a blank canvas and wanted to scribble my heart out! This space is my own, and writing liberates me. And I’m so glad to be back. 🙂 I have a hoard of product reviews wriggling inside my head. That I’m going to share with you by and by. But let me start off with this wonderful Chocolate and Milk Scrub from Aroma Essentials. 🙂

Aroma Essentials Milk and Chocolate Scrub
Aroma Essentials Milk and Chocolate Scrub

Not My First Stint with the Brand…

I had used their face mask before that B got me from B’lore, and loved it to bits. This kind lady Madhurima then sent across quite a few products for me to try out. And yes, I ain’t compelled to review any of them. 😀 The reason I’m doing so is ‘cause I want you people to know that vegan products exist, and they’re available big time! And as long as wizards like Madhu and the Ashers (names behind Juicy Chemistry) exist, magical concoctions are bound to happen. 🙂

My Overview of the Product :

The packaging is pretty humble, comes in plastic white jar with a screw lid and a second lid as well. The ingredients and directions of use are mentioned clearly in the label. I love honest layouts, and so I adore Aroma Essentials.

Aroma Essential Milk and Chocolate Scrub
Love the clean layout, and honest information
Aroma Essential Milk and Chocolate Scrub
The second lid adds for a further protection to the product…
Aroma Essential Milk and Chocolate Scrub
Aroma Essentials Milk and Chocolate Scrub
Aroma Essentials Milk and Chocolate Scrub
How do you describe it but simple unadulterated chocolate goodness?

If I had to pick a best thing from all the categories of this product, it has to be its fragrance! This one is a chocolate scrub, and it smells sinfully “delicious”. 😀 I’m into baking (and I’m very much an amateur :)), and I love baked delicacies. I keep making eggless chocolate cakes once in a while, and this scrub actually smells so similar! I have been tempted so many times to taste it once for real. No surprise. 😛

This looks like a chocolate pastry, disintegrated, and with visible sugar granules. Now sugar is a very common DIY ingredient for a homemade scrub that we all know. But to combine it with the goodness of milk, almond powder and chocolate is such an intelligent idea! The scrub exfoliates well on wet/damp skin, the sugar granules make for some good exfoliation while the chocolate scrub sloughs off dead skin cells with a lot of love, leaving behind a skin that’s well-moisturized. I can see the milk+almond powder blend working its magic here. 🙂 The just-exfoliated-prone-to-dryness skin simply drinks up hydration from the almonds and milk in the scrub. End result? My skin feeling so soft and smelling awesome. 😀

Aroma Essentials Milk and Chocolate Scrub
See? That’s how much real the sugar is.

It’s advisable to dilute the scrub with some water before application. This helps to better spread the product on the skin surface and adhere to it till you choose to exfoliate.

The fragrance is heady tell ya ….

My bathroom fills with the delectable warm chocolaty aroma every time I use it, refreshing my senses from within. Well sometimes I even imagine my bathroom transforming into a bakery, with chocolate cookies and cakes baked fresh from the oven. 😛 May be it’s  just me, but I simply can’t get over the fragrance of this scrub!

Madhu actually sent this particular product as a birthday gift to me, and boy was I surprised! So much love, and so much thought put behind. And I am thoroughly enjoying the product, this product has become a staple in my bath pamper routine. 🙂 I’m crazy about bath and body products, and the Aroma Essentials Milk and Chocolate Scrub fits that bill perfectly. 😀 However, I would not recommend using it on your face if you have very oily skin, particularly in the humid months. In the drier months however, you may want to use it on your face as well.

Aroma Essentials Milk and Chocolate Scrub
Aroma Essentials Milk and Chocolate Scrub – a sweet gift from a sweet lady 🙂

My skin drank up the goodness from this scrub, and followed by light moisturization post-bath (it’s a routine I follow religiously), I was good to go. Not for once did I feel the need to moisturize a second time in a whole day. My skin felt supple for the entire next day as well! The fragrance doesn’t stay for a very long time, but if you want you can build it up using a body product or fragrance in the same family. However, this may interfere a wee bit with your regular fragrance, but for me I love this and didn’t try to wear it down. 😀

The Final Verdict :

I’m in love with its fragrance. Secondly, it is so gentle on the skin. This scrub exfoliates and yet doesn’t strip off hydration from the skin. Exfoliation does remove some natural hydration from the skin, like any bathing ritual does. But Aroma Essentials Milk and Chocolate Scrub replenishes the lost hydration leaving behind a supple, firmer skin. I believe with prolonged and regular use, this scrub is sure to show its benefits.

Oh and it is currently priced at INR 575 for 125g. Everything in this product is unadulterated, and I love the rawness of the base ingredient. Chocolate is said to have innumerable benefits for skin, and is rich in antioxidantsAlmonds make for good exfoliators as well as moisturisers. Not to forget the efficacy of milk in hydration. The beauty of this scrub lies in its simplicity. 🙂

I think it can be used as a body wrap too, I’m yet to give it a try. Have you used a chocolate scrub before? Let me know your experience in the comments below!

Rating : 4.5/5


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