Argan Oil for Skin : Aroma Essentials Argan Day Serum – My Experience and Review

Hi people! Hope you’re doing good. I’m really excited about this post because today I will talk about a wonderful serum from the house of Aroma Essentials. 🙂

About the Serum :

Contains – Argan, Bergamot, Apricot carrier oils, essential oils of carrotseed, rosemary, lavender and patchouli, shea butter (in very small quantity)

Basic Functions –

Hydration, increased nourishment, skin brightening and acne prevention. Madhu calls this a serum even when it is majorly composed of oils, because face oils too have around 5% to 10% of oils, while this product has more concentrated quantity of the active ingredients (upto 70%).

Argan Oil for Skin : Aroma Essentials Argan Day Serum
Argan Oil for Skin : Aroma Essentials Argan Day Serum

Shelf life – 1 year

Price and Quantity – INR 410 for 20 ml.

And you all know by now where and how to contact the wizard lady. 😉

My Experience with the Aroma Essentials Argan Day Serum:

Serums have been an integral part of my skincare routine since years now. However I have mostly restricted them to my night time regimen. So I was really happy to treat my skin to the concentrated goodness of serum, even beneath a sunscreen!

Now I really love the packaging of the serum. A tiny amber-colored glass bottle, with a golden rimmed dropper. The dark bottle ensures the product stays fresh for long. AE has really revamped its packaging game, edging towards classy as well as making them informative. All the information you might need about the product is clearly mentioned on the label. High-five from me!

Argan Oil for Skin : Aroma Essentials Argan Day Serum
Argan Oil for Skin : Aroma Essentials Argan Day Serum

The AE Argan Day Serum is a light amber-colored, runny liquid. At first it might seem a little different from the silicone-based serums available in the market today, mostly because of its watery consistency. The dropper ensures I have perfect control on the amount of product to use on the face. 1-2 drops work best for me, while I have resorted to 2 drops of this elixir on the driest of days back in winter. This works best when tapped into the skin. I just take a drop on the tip of my fingers, touch with the tips of the other palm, and press it gently on my skin, tapping quickly and gently till the serum is absorbed completely. This is not a formula you can massage your skin with, as it sinks in really fast.

The quick-absorbing formula of this serum makes it perfect for an oily-combination skin like me. I can feel the instant hydration and suppleness that this imparts without making my skin greasy or sticky. The lightweight texture is so comfortable that I do not feel I’ve applied anything on my face, a feeling that I really love. But as the temperature gets warmer, I apply it sparingly on the area around my nose, as it tends to sweat crazy that time. I start by applying on the rest of the face, and just tap in the leftover from my fingertips after the rest of the application is over.

Argan Oil for Skin : Aroma Essentials Argan Day Serum

The Aroma Essentials Argan Day Serum totally plumps up my skin, making it supple and smooth. It has never broken me out. 🙂 Mostly because it doesn’t clog pores, rather the bergamot oil in this helps clean up pores. I have also noticed significant reduction in acne and unpleasant acne marks with regular usage of this. Essential oils of rosemary and lavender too aids in the process of treating acne and redness, while patchouli essential oil helps treat scars and blemishes. Carrotseed oil is rich in Vitamin E & C, and is a good anti ageing agent. Both argan oil and shea butter have good fatty acid content and they work from withing the epidermis to make skin healthy and hydrated. As you can see this serum is an excellent option for all skin types throughout the year!

How it helped me :

At a time when my skin was breaking out uncontrollably, and I had to stay away from silicone-based serums, the AE Argan Day Serum came in as a savior. Not only did it nourish my skin, but also handled my troubled skin like a pro. Of course I have been using tea-tree oil and face masks to combat the pimples that were erupting like volcanoes all over my face. A minor change that I made in my eating habits was causing the problem. But imagine my plight till I could find the root cause! However this serum has worked wonderfully in conjunction with all the other products and now my skin feels far better. 🙂

Argan Oil for Skin : Aroma Essentials Argan Day Serum
Aroma Essentials Argan Day Serum

What I love about Aroma Essentials is that they relentlessly work on their products, formulating new ones and cater to every skin and hair types. There are hundreds of serums in the market today, and AE Day Serum for the face is easily one of the best. I was apprehensive initially about this serum when I could only find oils in the ingredients. I couldn’t afford to make my skin condition any worse than it already was with the numerous breakouts. But I had faith in my wizard lady, and she advised this will work fine provided I just work with one drop. And my skin couldn’t do without a serum. I’m really glad I tried it out, and now it has become a daily staple in my daytime skincare regimen.:) But I’m yet to try and find out if it works just the same during the more humid monsoons.

The Final Verdict :

Aroma Essentials Argan Day Serum
Argan oil for the Skin : Aroma Essentials Argan Day Serum

The Aroma Essentials Argan Day Serum is definitely a product for keeps. I feel this is a perfect formulation for the Indian climate and skin types. With only a drop or two daily, the 20ml product is going to last me quite long. I’ve already been using it for the last 2-n-half months. The packaging is great, the serum has a lightweight and easy texture and works amazing for any skin type. It helps clear up pimples and their nasty marks, hydrates and nourishes the skin, making it plump and smooth. However oily-skinned beauties may keep this beauty for use in the winters. 🙂 Totally recommended!

My Rating : 4.75/5

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